Chapter 29-1 (1)
Host: And now, it will start! The "Showdown of Synchrony" between Tenjyou Tenge and I♥B!
Host: I will ask the two groups some questions, and the groups have to give the same answer at all costs!
Host: The questions have been chosen by the I♥B members, so Tenjyou Tenge will have to answer them correctly!
Host: If the answers are correct, we, the staff of the TV program, will give a really appealing place to Tenjyou Tenge!
Chapter 29-1 (2)
Tatsumi: There's no way I'll let this chance go by!
Tsubaki: Alright! I'm gonna give it all to find I♥B's likings!
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: Everyone~! Good luck!!
Host: Well then, let's start! Part one!
Host: Who is the historical figure that Lucas-kun respects?
Chapter 29-1 (3)
Toya: We're already starting with really difficult questions....
Lucas: The historical figure I respect, huh.... Of course, the one who I respect is...
Fyodor Dostoyevsky. [1]
Host: So, how will Tenjyou Tenge answer?!
Chapter 29-1 (4)
Aoi:'s just an assumption but, maybe it's him?
Fyodor Dostoyevsky? [2]
Host: Ooh?! It's correct!
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: Aoiii! Amaaaazing!
Lucas: How did you know that? I don't remember ever talking to you about that...
Aoi: Some time ago, I saw you reading the book Crime and Punishment[3] and it impressed me.
Aoi: After that, when I went to borrow The Brothers Karamazov[4], I saw your name on the borrowing list.
Chapter 29-1 (5)
Tatsumi: Aoi, incredible! You sounded like a great detective!
Aoi: You're exaggerating~.
Tsubaki: Well done, Aoi! Now, onto the next question!
Host: What's Chaoyang-kun's "my boom?"[5] It's difficult to know it unless you're Chaoyang-kun!
Chapter 29-1 (6)
Chaoyang: Ehm....
Visiting café shops.
Chapter 29-1 (7)
Toya: This question is perfect for me. He likes visiting a lot of café shops.
Host: Woah! It's correct!
Toya: Truth is, when we were drinking tea together one time, he mentioned that he liked it.
Chapter 29-1 (8)
Chaoyang: Thank you...for remembering...
Toya: No need to thank me. Next time, let's go to some delicious Yum Cha [6] shop that you like together.
Chaoyang: !....Yes!
Host: Then, let's continue with part three! What's the sport Leon-kun used to practice a lot before he came to Japan?
Chapter 29-1 (9)
Leon: I've practiced a lot of sports, so the answer range is kinda big, y'know?
Tsubaki: A sport Leon used to practice.... Tatsumi, you know the answer, right? You're good friends, after all.
Leon: Fufufu! I've never talked to Tatsumi about this, so you'll never find the right an---
Chapter 29-1 (10)
Tatsumi: Is it basketball?
Leon: Yes, yes, it's basket- HEY, how did you know?!
Tatsumi: Man, you're always wearing the shoe model that basketball players wear, that's why.
Tatsumi: And those shoes were in vogue two years ago in England!
Host: It's correct, Tatsumi-kun!! Wow~! Everyone in Tenjyou Tenge looks at their surroundings with attention! [7]
Chapter 29-1 (11)
Tsubaki: Haha! Those three are amazing, aren't they? Well, they're the teammates I've acknowledged!
Toya: That said, you haven't answered any questions yet...
Tsubaki: I know, I know. Leave the other two to me. So, the next ones are Rabi and Noah, huh....
Tsubaki: [chuckles] I'm looking forward to it!
Chapter 29-1 (12)
Host: And now, part four! There's a place Rabi-kun usually goes to in his free time. Where is it?
Tsubaki: Oh. This one's easy. It's the gym.
Rabi: Tsubaki...I haven't even showed the paper yet, you know?
Tsubaki: Ah, was I wrong?
Rabi: No, you were right.
It's the gym.
Host: Correct! Rindo-kun managed to answer even faster than Rabi-kun...did you perhaps know about the gym?
Tsubaki: Yeah. Sometimes we met there.
Rabi: Ahaha. I should have made a more difficult question.
Tsubaki: Right. Maybe for example about your-
Rabi: Okay, that's enough! Let's go to the next question now!!
Host: You suddenly became nervous, Rabi-kun! Well then, the last one is Noah-kun!
Chapter 29-1 (13)
Noah: Fufu. The question I chose is quite difficult, so I'm worried you might not be able to answer it.
Tsubaki: Interesting. I'll definitely answer it right, so bring it on!
Noah: I will make you regret saying that!


  1. Nobody says the answer, but in such programms the answer is written in a piece of paper that the ones making the question show after the other person answers, hence why it is shown like this
  2. And once again, Aoi has a paper like that too, where he wrote his own answer
  3. Wikipedia
  4. This is also another book from Dostoyevsky, that talks about three brothers and their father, who barely takes any care of them
  5. Japanese term referring to a short-term or new obsession
  6. Yum Cha is a type of Chinese style brunch, which involves drinking tea and eating dim sum.
  7. The line the host says, sounds incredibly similar to one of the answers Tsubaki gives to the second phonecall question

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