Chapter 29-2 (1)
Host: Then, let's start part five! Which part of the body does Noah-kun wash first?
Tsubaki: Huh?! There's no way I can know such thing!
Noah: Fufu. I chose a question that you would never be able to know. You will have to use your intuition, you know?
Chapter 29-2 (2)
Tsubaki: The place you wash first? The head, face, neck, arms, stomach, feet....there are too many answers. No way I can find the right one...!
Tsubaki: Say, you guys. Where do you start from?
Chapter 29-2 (3)
Tatsumi: I start from my arms.
Aoi: I start from my neck.
Toya: And I start from my armpits.
Tsubaki: Your answers are all over the place...and I start from my head...
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: Wow! I never thought I would be able to listen to such private stuff from Tenjyou Tenge. This TV program is godly~!
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: Noah-kun, thank you for such a maniacal question!
Producer: (Don't tell me that Noah-kun made the question thinking of this, too?!)
Chapter 29-2 (4)
Noah: Come on, Tsubaki, if you don't answer now, the time will run out~.
Tsubaki: ..........
Noah: Fufu. So you can't answer it, huh.
Tsubaki: [sigh]...You're a dangerous one exactly as Seiya told me.
Noah: Heeh. So you heard a lot about me from Seiya. I've heard a lot about you from him too, you know?
Noah: And that's exactly why I was nervous to meet you today and appear on TV like this.
Chapter 29-2 (5)
Noah: After what Seiya told me, I was wondering what kind of amazing guy you were. But...I'm a bit disappointed.
Noah: I was the one that made this evil question, but I had a bit of hope that you would be able to answer it.
Tsubaki: You're way more black-hearted than I heard of...but...seeing your disappointed face feels the best!
Noah: .....What do you mean by that?
Tsubaki: You know...I don't choose the means of fighting. But, did you think I would come here unprepared to win without doing anything?
Noah: ....?! Do-don't tell me?!
Tsubaki: You underestimated me....that's the cause of your defeat. The answer is...the neck.
Host: Goodness?! Let's see Noah-kun's answer!
Noah: Kuh?!
Host: It-it's correct! Tenjyou Tenge answered correctly to everything!!
Chapter 29-2 (6)
Toya: Tsubaki? Why do you know something like this?
Noah: ....You heard it from Seiya, didn't you?
Tsubaki: Yes. When I went to treat him to some rice after the Twinkle Bell Live...
Chapter 29-2 (7)
Seiya: Noah? Why do you want to know about him?
Tsubaki: We will co-star together in a TV Program, that's why.
Seiya: Tsubaki-san and Noah co-starring! I will definitely watch it!
Tsubaki: Yeah. That's why, in order to get along with him, I need to know a lot of stuff.
Tsubaki: You're his childhood friend, right? Of course, you will tell me some stuff, right?
Seiya: Yes! If it's about that, then I'll gladly help you!
Seiya: Ehm, so, about Noah, huh...? His favorite food is bean jelly, he also likes billiards, and...
Chapter 29-2 (8)
Tsubaki: No, no, no. More like, something that nobody knows?
Seiya: Something that nobody what part of the body he washes first?
Tsubaki: Yes, that! Tell me everything about it! ...Though, why do you know something like that?
Seiya: That's because when we were small I used to take baths together with him in my home.
Seiya: The baths at my house are incredible! My father worked a lot to make a bath with natural cypress-
Tsubaki: I got it, I got it! Then, please keep talking about it with me.
Seiya: Yes! Leave it to me. He first starts from his neck, and the shampoo that he uses is...
Chapter 29-2 (9)
Tsubaki: And that's what happened. Too bad for you, Noah.
Noah: .............
Tsubaki: Haha! You've got such an angry face! Too bad you're not a girl~.
Noah: Be it woman or man, wicked guys like you are a "no, thank you."
Host: Ehhmm...we had some problems along the way, but the relationship between Tenjyou Tenge and I♥B made the program really interesting!
Host: Then, since Tenjyou Tenge answered correctly to every question, the staff will give them a really appealing place!
Host: Please look forward to the next broadcasting~! See you later~!
TV program director: ....Cut! The CM finished. Everyone did a great job!
Tatsumi&Rabi&Aoi: Thank you very much.
Chaoyang&Leon&Lucas: Thank you very much!
Toya: Thank you for the hard work~. Come on, you two, give a greeting, too.
Chapter 29-2 (10)
Tsubaki: Great job! ...Noah, today we were able to make a great scene thanks to you. Thank you!
Noah: ....It irritated me a bit, but it certainly was an interesting program. I should be the one to thank you.
Noah: ...But, next time I won't lose!
Tsubaki: Haha! Bring it on!
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: ....Tsubaki and Noah-kun are shaking hands!
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: This is incredible...seeing today's broadcasting made me interested in I♥B, too. When I return home, I'm going to research stuff about them!
Producer: (Ahaha...the fight between Rindo-kun and Noah-kun was bad for my heart...but the program turned into an interesting one!)

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