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Chapter 29-3 (1)
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: Tsubaki!!!
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: Kyaaa!! Toya-kun is waving his hand~
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: Tatsumi! Aoi! I love you~!!
Tsubaki: Today we're holding a live to debut our new song!
Chapter 29-3 (2)
Tsubaki: We will sing it at the end of the live, so make sure to follow us until the end!
Chapter 29-3 (3)
Noah: ....The power of a first generation really is overwhelming
Lucas: Their song is really cool. I have to compose such a cool song too...
Leon: I want the next song to be a love one! I'm counting on you for a refreshing song that would fit to us, Lucas!
Lucas: Don't choose it by yourself...
Lucas: ..........
Chapter 29-3 (4)
Rabi: Ahaha. It seems Lucas entered his switch
Noah: You're right. Fufu, I'm looking forward to the next song
Chaoyang: I will also give it my best at that I won't be embarrassing on that stage...!
Noah: Of course. I won't hold back on disciplining those that slack off, so be prepared
Producer: Ah, so you were all here!
Rabi: Hm? Producer, why are you in such a hurry?
Producer: Everyone! Rindo-kun said that there's something he wants you to help with. Will you help them?
Noah: Tsubaki did? ....Of course we will!
Chapter 29-3 (5)
Tsubaki: The live is coming to it's end! Are you all having fun?
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: Yes, we're having lots of fun~!
Chapter 29-3 (6)
Toya: Fufu. We will make you enjoy it even more, so please follow us until the end, okay?
Aoi: To the point where you won't even have time to blink
Tatsumi: Yeah! The best part has yet to come!
Tsubaki: Today our friends in the third generation will give us a hand with their musical instruments! Say hello to I♥B!!
Chapter 29-3 (7)
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: Ah! Those are the kids that appeared together on TV with Tenjyou Tenge!
Noah: Good evening everyone! Today we came to help Tenjyou Tenge with our musical instruments!
Noah: We will support Tenjyou Tenge with all our power, so be sure to have fun until the end!
Chapter 29-3 (8)
Seiya: Woah! A collaboration between Noah and Tsubaki-san! So amazing! I'm so envious!
Seiya: I'm so glad I worked hard to get a ticket to be able to come here today!
Chapter 29-3 (9)
Noah: (Eh? I thought I heard Seiya's voice....Is he perhaps here?)
Noah: (...Or did I just imagine it?)
Chapter 29-3 (10)
Tsubaki: Are you ready!? We will make our fans bury this live and this beautiful cherry blossom scenery in their memory forever!
Tsubaki: Then, listen to our new song! Hana to chiru ran
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: Kyaaa!! So cool!!
I♥B's Fan: Noah-sama!! Please flutter your hair more!
Tenjyou Tenge's Fan: I love both Tenjyou Tenge and I♥B!!
Producer: (It seems that thanks to the previous broadcasting the I♥B fans have increased)
Producer: (For now, I'm glad it was a success....)
Producer: (The remaining ones are POP' N STAR and ArS. Those two groups are kinda...)
Producer: (I feel like something really unexpected is bound to happen. Maybe I'm just imagining stuff?)

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