Chapter 2-1 a
Seiya: So this is the inside of Etoile Vio School! What a beautiful place!
Kanata: I’m pretty sure it said the meeting place is in a classroom on the second floor?
Akira: Probably over there, right?
Seiya: Hehe〜! I’ll be the first one there!
Kanata: There he goes...
Akira: Well, well...
Seiya: Yess! First one here!
Chapter 2-1, third
???: No-nope, too bad~ Seems like you’re not the first one here.
Seiya: Eh! What~ There was someone here before me?
???: Don’t get all down over something like that and hurry all the way over here instead!
???: You’re also a third gen, right? Come introduce yourself.
Seiya: Oh! You’re a good guy!
???: Tehehe, what a simple guy!
Seiya: Eh? Wha–!! 
Seiya: *cough cough*
Chapter 2-1, fourth
Kanata: Wahh! Seiya is all white!
Akira: Is this… the chalkboard eraser? Seiya, are you alright?
Seiya: Uhhh, I’m not alright—!
Chapter 2-1 evil twins
???: Hahaha! He fell for it! Yay! The prank was a big success!
???: Yay!
Seiya: What exactly are you doing??!!


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