Chapter 2-2, first
Seiya: Oi! Don’t look at other people’s troubled situations and high five!
???: Hmph! This is initiation from the twins who will, from now on, become your rivals!
Seiya: What initiation?! And you beside him, stop him!
???: My little brother’s prank is cute, so I forgive him.
Seiya: Huh?!
Chapter 2-2 1 why does satsuki look so hot and mutsuki so cute nande
Akira: Before you prank someone, isn’t it proper etiquette to introduce yourself?
Satsuki: I’m Kururugi Satsuki! Mutsuki’s little twin brother! I like pranks, so in that part too, nice to meet you!
Mutsuki: I’m Kururugi Mutsuki. Satsuki’s big twin brother. Nice to meet you~
Seiya: Twins, huh… In accordance, your faces are spitting images of each other.
Kanata: But their personalities seem to be the opposite.
Satsuki: Juuuust kidding. Actually, I’m Mutsuki!
Mutsuki: Actually, I’m Satsuki…
Kanata: Heh?! Um, really?
Mutsuki: Hmm, I wonder?
Chapter 2-2 2 kill him
Kanata: Uu~ which one’s Sacchan and which one’s Mukkun?
Mutsuki: By the way, you’re suddenly using nicknames…
Satsuki: Bleh—! I’m not going to tell you~!
Kanata: No way… you’re so mean~
Seiya stops them.
Keep watching them.
Akira stops them.


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