Chapter 2-3 first
???: You haven’t changed at all, Seiya.
Seiya: Why do you know my name?!
???: Have you really forgotten about me?
???: Maybe you’ll remember if you hear this song?
???: 〜〜♪
Seiya: ?? That's...the Rye Field song!
Seiya: Can it be...are you Noah?
Noah: So you finally noticed, Seiya.
Chapter 2-3 second
Seiya: How many years has it been?! To meet you in a place like this is a miracle!
Noah: Woah! And your emotional expressions are as direct as ever.
Seiya: Ohh, a reunion hug!!
Satsuki: …What is really going on?
Mutsuki: I wonder if it’d be okay for me to sleep already…
Kanata: Seems like Seiya knows that person.
Chapter 2-3 third
Akira: Seiya. If you know them, would you mind introducing us?
Seiya: Ah! Sorry. This is Noah. He was my friend when I was still in America.
Chapter 2-3 fourth
Noah: Nice to meet you. I’m Noah. I’m from America, but from today I will be attending this Etoile Vio School.
Akira: I see. That means you’re a third generation just like us.
Kanata: Nice to meet you, Noah!
Satsuki: Tch. The rivals grew in number again.
Mutsuki: ...zzz...
Satsuki Hey, Mutsuki〜 Don’t sleep here.
Seiya: Noah will attend this school, too? Can it be that you also came here to become an idol…?


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