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Chapter 30-1 (1)
Kyosuke: Woah! Momosuke-san, your flowers are really cute!
Momosuke: Geez....Kyosuke-kun. Momo is happy that you praised Momo's flowers, but please don't call me with Momosuke~
Chapter 30-1 (2)
Kyosuke: Hawawa?! I-I'm sorry! Ehmm....Are you ok with Momo-san?
Momosuke: Yep! Ah! Since your surname is "Momoi" we match together
Kyosuke: Now that you remind me it's true! Our names match!
Momosuke: Ehehe♪
Kyosuke: Ehehe♪
Chapter 30-1 (3)
Akio: ....What's up with that fluffy aura. I shouldn't be in a place like this. Aaah...I wanna close myself in my room
Shiki: That's not good Akio. If you close yourself in your room after we finally got you to get out I will cry, you know?
Akio: ......It's unfair if you say it like that
Shiki: Uuu....What a cold gaze! Is it perhaps his rebellious stage...
Chapter 30-1 (4)
Hikaru: Rebellious stage?! So Akio is in his rebellious stage! Raku! It seems Akio is in his rebellious stage!
Raku: Really?...It's kinda late for you to be in a rebellious age, Akio
Akio: I'm not in my rebellious age, and please don't treat me like a kid...
Hikaru: If it's not your rebellious age then...Why do you have such a dark expression!
Hikaru: Come on! Let's shine together so much that even the sun won't be able to beat us!
Chapter 30-1 (5)
Hikaru: Don't look down, but start looking up! Come on, let's do it together!!
Akio: Your feelings are so much more heated than the sun, that I feel like I'm gonna melt from them....
Hikaru: Thank you for praising me!!!
Chapter 30-1 (6)
Shiki: He wasn't praising you, Hikaru-kun! At this point he will close himself in his room even more!
Shiki: Come on Raku-kun let's stop him together---
Chapter 30-1 (7)
Raku: Oh....Yellow tulips. How lovely
Momosuke: Ehehe, Thank you! If you want I can give you some bulbs. They're easy to grow since they can grow by themselves without problems, so I recommend them~
Kyosuke: Fufufu♪ Don't the yellow tulips look like Hikarun~
Chapter 30-1 (8)
Shiki: .....Aaah, what's with that healing atmosphere. I wanna be there too!
Runa: I understand that feeling really well. But Shiki-san, you're not allowed to go there
Shiki: Runa-san, you look cool but you're saying some harsh words
Runa: Ah, please don't misunderstand. I just saw how happy Momo was looking, so I didn't want anyone to intrude there
Shiki: Haha! You really love Momosuke-san don't you
Runa: But you have the same feelings as me, don't you
Shiki: Ahaha
Runa: Ufufu
Chapter 30-1 (9)
Kokoro: Ahaha~ Ufufu~ ...STOP IT WITH THAT!!
Kokoro: You guys are relaxing too much aren't you?!
Runa: Kokoro. Please calm down
Shiki: He's right, Kokoro-san. There's such a great weather too, so relaxing a bit isn't that bad
Kokoro: That's not good at all! Both Momosuke and Runa are relaxing way too much!
Chapter 30-1 (10)
Momosuke: So-sorry! Geez what am I doing, I suddenly saw some flowers and--[1]
Kokoro: Momo~? Didn't I tell you that that way of speaking is prohibited~
Chapter 30-1 (11)
Momosuke: UWAH! Momo is really sorry, so please don't make that scary face~
Runa: Good grief...Kokoro. Leave it at that. Momo will get scared you know?
Kokoro: Hmph! And anyways, today was the day this Kokoro-chan was going to coach the juniors, so why are some early and some others late!
Kokoro: And where did that idiot of a Torahiko go!!


  1. Momo here starts using Boku once again

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