Chapter 30-2 (1)
*door opens*
Producer: Everyone, sorry for the wait! I brought Kusakabe-kun!
Chapter 30-2 (2)
Torahiko: Let me go, Producer! Las Vegas is calling for the great me!!
Kokoro: Las Vegas? What do you even have in mind that you would leave Kokoro-chan and go somewhere?
Torahiko: No, it's just that when I heard Lancelot's 100 Man Doru no Suriru, [1] I got reminded of a casino~.
Torahiko: And I wanted to show in a painting how greedy people can be for what they desire...
Torahiko: So, I'm going for a bit to see Las Vegas and---
Producer: Since you're still underage they won't let you enter.
Chapter 30-2 (3)
Torahiko: ....Is that so?
Producer: Don't look at me with such a pitiful face, but start doing what you have to do here!
Torahiko: Tsk. ...Then, since I'm at the studio, I gotta paint something else.
Kokoro: Why did the talk turn to painting again?!
Kokoro: Today, you're here because I will be teaching you very essential elements that an idol should have!
Kokoro: It's a really heavy lesson, so if you don't take it seriously I won't forgive you!
Chapter 30-2 (4)
Akio&Tora&Kyosuke: O~kay....
Chapter 30-2 (5)
Runa: Although we're in the same group, we're still in the third generation, so let's learn a lot of things from Kokoro, too, Momo.
Momosuke: Yes! I wonder what things Kokoro-chan will teach us!
Chapter 30-2 (6)
Hikaru: A lesson from Kokoro Hanabusa....! Raku! I'm excited as to what kind of lesson it will be!
Raku: Let's see what they've got for us.
Producer: (I actually don't know what Hanabusa-san will teach to them, so I'm interested, too...)
Chapter 30-2 (7)
Kokoro: You all finally became silent. Then, today I will teach you two things, so pay close attention!
Kokoro: First of all....I will have you master "cuteness" as idols!
Chapter 30-2 (8)
Torahiko: Cuteness....? Since I'm a boy, I won't really be troubled if I don't act cutely, y'know?
Kokoro: Weak!! If you keep up that way of thinking, you'll stay an I-Chu forever!
Kokoro: Nowadays, it's essential for female idols to be cute, but male idols are requested to be cute, too!
Torahiko: Well, even if you put it like that....I still don't get it....
Kokoro: No wonder, since everything about you is unrefined.... ...Okay then. I will show you all what real cuteness is!
Chapter 30-2 (9)
Kokoro: Producer. Will you give me your help?
Producer: If you're fine with me, then....
Kokoro: OK! Then, let's go. Ready....action!
Chapter 30-2 (10)
Producer: Eh? What's wrong? You suddenly pulled my sleeve...?
Kokoro: You know, Producer~.
Kokoro: Today, I want to be spoiled by you sooo much....okay? Plea~se, [name]?
Producer: ~~~!
Chapter 30-2 (11)
Shiki&Kyosuke&Hikaru: Cu-Cute...!
Producer: (That was too cute....!)
Kokoro: Well, that's how it is! You have to be sly and show cuteness like this!
Chapter 30-2 (12)
Runa: As expected of you.
Momosuke: Kokoro-chan, you were so cute!
Chapter 30-2 (13)
Torahiko: So, that thing just now was "cuteness"? I don't really get it.
Akio: Fuhii....someone afraid of women like me can't feel even an atom of their cuteness...
Raku: Standing on guard too much is tiring...
Chapter 30-2 (14)
Kokoro: Wha-?! You guys are strange ones for not being able to understand my cuteness!
Kokoro: Anyways! Today, I will have everyone trying to act cute!
Kokoro: If you manage to be cute enough for my approval I will continue onto the next lesson!


  1. For those that haven't heard it, the name of this song translates to "The thrill of one million dollars" and as the name implies, it's a song about money bets

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