Kokoro: Are you listening? Next is practice for the "call and response"!
Chapter 31-1 (1)
Raku: Aaah. ...That thing you're always talking about...
Hikaru: Yes! I always had wanted to try it once!
Hikaru: L-O-V-E HI-KA-RU! Let's do it beautifully!!!
Hikaru: What do you think of something like this?
Kokoro: Don't copy other people!! You have to think of how it would match your own uniqueness!
Kokoro: I'll first show you my special one. Follow it with attention, okay? Then...
Kokoro: Please kneel down....for Kokoro's sa~ke!
Chapter 31-1 (2)
Everyone: As you wish!!!
Chapter 31-1 (3)
Kokoro: Why is Seiya here, too?!!
Seiya: I kinda heard you and the others having a lot of fun, so I wanted to be inside the group, too!
Seiya: I want to shout a call and response like you and the others!
Chapter 31-1 (4)
Torahiko: Oh! If Seiya will answer back to my call, then I'll give it my best!
Kyosuke: That's certainly interesting~! I want to give everyone a good response, too!
Chapter 31-1 (5)
Akio: ....A loud voice would surprise me, but, if everyone is doing it then I will try, too...fuhihi...
Shiki: I'm really happy you finally found your motivation. Well, I would certainly love to use those words~.
Chapter 31-1 (6)
Hikaru: Raku, Raku, Raku~! Please think of my call and response! I will count on you for a beautiful one!
Raku: Yes, yes....then, you will think of mine.
Producer: Isn't it great, Hanabusa-san? Everyone seems to have found the motivation to do it!
Chapter 31-1 (7)
Kokoro: Geez....even though with my previous lesson, they weren't as motivated as now.
Producer: Well, since everyone is a boy, maybe they were just hesitant?
Kokoro: Hmph! A pro isn't someone that can choose his work! If you can't do what you're told, then you still have a long way to go!
Chapter 31-1 (8)
Runa: Fufu. You're not being honest at all, Kokoro, even though you're the happiest since everyone is motivated now, right?
Kokoro: Y-You're wrong! Don't make me say obvious stuff!
Chapter 31-1 (9)
Momosuke: Ehehe. Momo is so happy that Kokoro-chan is having fun!
Kokoro: Wait a moment, you two, aren't you being too nonchalant?
Kokoro: We will use both of your call and responses during the next live, so think of one now!
Chapter 31-1 (10)
Momosuke: Fueeeh~?! Momo is anxious~...will I be able to think of a proper one?
Runa: It's fine. Kokoro and I will think of one for you together. Right, Kokoro?
Kokoro: It can't be helped, can it....since you're anxious by yourself, I'll think of one together with you.
Momosuke: Yaaaay♪ Thank you, both of you!
Producer: (As usual, POP' N STAR is really united. Compared to them---)
Chapter 31-1 (11)
Torahiko: .......I have a nice idea!
Kyosuke: You already thought of one? Tora-chan, you're incredible!
Akio: Can you say it to us....?
Torahiko: I'm going on a journey for a bit!
Chapter 31-1 (12)
Hikaru: Hahaha! He's using his trademark words!
Shiki: And then the response would be....wait, he's going on a trip for real!! Someone, stop Tora-chan!!
Chapter 31-1 (13)
Raku:, my...
Producer: (....I'm worried...)

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