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Chapter 31-2 (1)
Kokoro: Stop there! Will you guys really be fine? Do you remember what we practiced?
Torahiko: There's no need to worry that much. We remember them very well!
Kyosuke: I will never forget what Kokoro-san told us!
Kokoro: Hmph. Even if you forget I will teach them again so it's fine
Chapter 31-2 (2)
Runa: Although you say that, you were worried all the time before coming here, right?
Kokoro: ! Don't say such thing!
Chapter 31-2 (3)
Shiki: Ahaha. Kokoro-san, even though you're younger you have everything under control don't you. Good kid, Good kid
pat pat
Chapter 31-2 (4)
Raku: He's right~ I think you shouldn't be so stiff and let the others spoil you a bit y'know?
pat pat
Kokoro: WHA-?! Don't pat a weak maiden's head like that! And whose fault do you think it is that I'm like this now?!
Shiki&Raku: Whose fault?
Kokoro: Your fault! Yours! Really, even though you're older you still need people taking care of you!
Chapter 31-2 (5)
Hikaru: Ha Ha Ha! Because I'm such a beautiful kid that needs to be taken care of!
Akio: I have never heard something like that....And more importantly, it's almost time for our performance
Momosuke: Wah?! You're right! Momo and the others have to get to the staff seats too!
Chapter 31-2 (6)
Kokoro: Right. ....Well then, stupid ArS. ....Give it your best, ok?
Torahiko: Yeah! I'm really looking forward to the response of the fans!
Chapter 31-2 (7)
Torahiko: Eveyone! Thank you for coming to our live today!
Torahiko: Today we will use the Call&Response for the first time, but have you all studied it?
Kyosuke: We will show what response to say on the monitor, so those that don't understand can read it!!
Torahiko: If everyone managed to give a good Response I will give you all a special present!
Torahiko: Then, first this great me will start!
Chapter 31-2 (8)
Torahiko: I will go for a bit-!!
ArS' Fans: On a journey!!
Torahiko: I've already reached my destination! Nishishi!
Chapter 31-2 (9)
Kyosuke: The deadline ended!!!
ArS' Fans: Momoi-sensei, thank you for the hard work!!
Kyosuke: Ehehe♪ Today I finished it earlier so that I could have fun with everyone here, so be sure to be plenty excited!
Chapter 31-2 (10)
Akio: I-I want to close myself in my room...
ArS' Fans: It's not scary so get out of it!!
Akio: Eeek! I-I'm not afraid....but embarrassed...
Chapter 31-2 (11)
Shiki: The ones that want to turn the wheel of fate with me raise your hand!
ArS' Fans: Yeeees!!
Shiki: Then, One, Two!
ArS' Fans: Turn the wheel of fate!!!
Shiki: Roger! I love you all my little kittens!
Chapter 31-2 (12)
Hikaru: Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most beautiful of them all?
ArS' Fans: Hikaru Orihara!!!
Hikaru: Even the mirror would break from my beauty!
ArS' Fans: Crack!! [1]
Chapter 31-2 (13)
Hikaru: Ah!! Sinful....How sinful you are, Hikaru Orihara!!
Chapter 31-2 (14)
Raku: *sigh*....I can't hear everyone's cheering...
ArS' Fans: Raku Raku Raku~!!!
Chapter 31-2 (15)
Raku: I still can't hear it...
ArS' Fans: Take care of us!!!
Chapter 31-2 (16)
Raku: Kuku...It seems my life will become more interesting from now on....
Torahiko: Incredible!! It was a huge success!! Then, accept our special present!
Chapter 31-2 (17)
ArS: Our new song, Here we go!!
Chapter 31-2 (18)
Seiya: How nice! I wanna do a Call&Response too!
Noah: Fufu. I want to create one too now
Satsuki: I gotta think of one for Mutsuki! And then Mutsuki will think of mine!
Chapter 31-2 (19)
Kokoro: Calm down, Third generation! Listen to the new song in silence!
Seiya: Right! I gotta listen to their new song! Ever since I borrowed the demo I've been really excited about it!
Chapter 31-2 (20)
Runa: Fufu! You really have fun on every live
Seiya: Yeah! I have lots of fun! But....just looking at it is too boring, I wanna stand on that stage too!
Chapter 31-2 (21)
Momosuke: I think that part of yours is really incredible. I have to learn from it too
Kokoro: How many times have I told you!![2]
Momosuke: Fueeh~ I'm sorry Kokoro-chan
Kumakocho: It seems you got really close to Momosuke-chan and Runa-chan~
Chapter 31-2 (22)
Kokoro: ?! President!
Kumakocho: Fufufu. It seems everyone in the third generation finished their lessons with this. Then I have to announce the next test~
Seiya: Oh! A new thing! Tell us tell us!
Kumakocho: Don't be in such a hurry! I will make you happy without delay~
Chapter 31-2 (23)
Noah: What do you mean with that?
Kumakocho: After this live ends there will be a meeting of all the group leaders. I will tell you everything at that time~
Kumakocho: Producer-chan is gathering all the other leaders too~
Kumakocho: Ah~ I'm looking reeeally forward to it~


  1. They're imitating the sound of a mirror breaking
  2. Kokoro gets angry because Momo started using the "boku" once again

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