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Producer: I wonder...what kind of trial will the president give this time...
Chapter 31-3 (1)
Tsubaki: What? You didn't hear anything either?
Producer: No....Geez, that president, he always decides to keep everything a secret and tell only the bare minimum....
Issei: Tsk...! He's had the worst personality ever since the past
Eva: Berserker, pay attention to what you say....He may be like that, but he's our president after all
Tsubaki: Heh. You seem to support the president a lot
Eva: Of course I would. Unlike you, Gaia, I respect the ones above me
Tsubaki: As expected, a 29 years old adult thinks differently from us
Eva: Shut up! I'm 427 years old!!!
door opens
Chapter 31-3 (2)
Seiya: Ah! Tsubaki-san! And Issei and Eva! That said, why didn't you stay at the live, Producer!
Torahiko: And I finally debuted my Call&Response too~
Producer: I'm really sorry. The president told me to gather Rindo-kun and the others so I had to leave
Chapter 31-3 (3)
Kokoro: Still, you should have at least left a message for me!
Noah: Let's not blame her too much. She had to complete all that work after all
Chapter 31-3 (4)
Satsuki: Well, I wouldn't have forgiven her if she did such thing on my live~
Chapter 31-3 (5)
Kumakocho: Everyone, please calm down~ Having so many energetic leaders to take care of sure is troublesome, right, Producer-chan?
Producer: ! President!
Kumakocho: Hello everyone~ Thank you for gathering here~
Chapter 31-3 (6)
Issei: Enough with the tendious talk now and just tell us what you have to say
Kumakocho: You're always so harsh towards me Issei-kun~ Only Tsubaki-kun and Eva-kun are on my side~
Chapter 31-3 (7)
Tsubaki: It's not that I'm on your side or anything. I just don't feel like teasing a bear the slightest bit
Eva: I'm someone under your patronage after all, Tempester. I wish you would tell us as soon as possible what is that we should do
Kumakocho: It can't be helped can it....Then, I will announce the next thing that everyone has to do
Chapter 31-3 (8)
Kumakocho: Truth is, next time a Music Program that I often take part in will celebrate it's 10 years anniversary
Kumakocho: And to celebrate those ten years, they will organize a match between idols, called "Music Award"~
Chapter 31-3 (9)
Seiya: Got it! Then we have to perform there!
Kumakocho: ....I can't let you jump to the wrong conclusions~ Of course, I plan on making people perform there. However...
Kumakocho: Only one group will perform...
Seiya: Eh....?
Kumakocho: They said that we could send only one group~ Ahhh, this is so troubling
Chapter 31-3 (10)
Noah: .........I see
Noah: So in order for us to appear in it we have to fight with each-other, right?
Kumakocho: As expected of Noah-kun. It helps a lot that you understood it so fast~
Kumakocho: Even though until earlier you were learning a lot of things from your seniors, now you have to go against them too~
Chapter 31-3 (11)
Seiya: ! I don't want to do it!
Kumakocho: You don't want to? .....What kinda spoiled thing are you saying? Once you enter the show business world you can't avoid making rivals
Kumakocho: Or do you think that you can become an idol with such weak preparation?
Seiya: .....But, I don't want it...Hey Producer, you think so too, right?
Producer: ...........
Kumakocho: ....You understand it better than anyone else don't you, Producer-chan
Producer: I understand very well what you mean. ...However, the path forward isn't only like that
Kumakocho: Hmmph. Well, fine. Anyways, Producer-chan will be the one to watch your activities and decide which group to choose
Producer: ?! I-I'm the one to choose?
Kumakocho: will choose one of them. You're always staying by their side and watching them, so I'm expecting an impartial judging from you~
Kumakocho: Well then, I have to appear on a talent show now so I have to go~ Au~Revoir♪
Chapter 31-3 (12)
door opens
Producer: (...I really can't understand what that person is thinking at all)
Chapter 31-3 (13)
Kumakocho: Fuh....Everyone got really angry at me~ Playing the role of the villain hurts a lot~
Kumakocho: But, if their hearts are stirred up with just this, then they will never get used to being idols
Kumakocho: Since the real storm has yet to come....

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