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Chapter 32-1 (1)
Seiya: And so, only one group will perform in the Music Award hosted by that Music Show
Seiya: And the Producer will be the one to choose which group
Akira: To think it would turn out into something like this....
Kanata: But I think that only calling the group leaders there was a bit strange...
Seiya: Everything we've done so far was to get the approvation of the second gen or the president...
Chapter 32-1 (2)
Seiya: I never thought we would have to fight between us, I-Chu's....
Akira&Kanata: ........
Seiya: Why are you two being silent? Do you think that fighting against your friends is too hard as well?
Akira: It may be hard but, I think that it can't be helped
Kanata: He's...right. I had to fight like this too when I was an Ikid...
Akira: Just because we're all in the same company doesn't mean that we will only be friends. Sometimes they will be our rivals, sometimes our enemies...
Akira: Me and Kanata haven't experienced being idols but, we've been in a similar we're prepared
Seiya: Akira....Kanata...
Seiya: (Right...Both Akira and Kanata have been in the show business for a long time, so they've already tasted this kind of environment)
Seiya: (Is it something that only I didn't know...But, both Akira and Kanata have such a pained expression)
Seiya: (Will we never be able to gather all together smiling like this....And also, if F∞F gets chosen, and we manage to make our guests smile...)
Seiya: (Will WE be able to stand there smiling?)
Chapter 32-1 (3)
Kanata: Seiya? Seiya!
Seiya: UWAH?! So-sorry! I just got lost in my thoughts for a moment!
Kanata: Geez! Don't you dare take it all by yourself like with the CD selling!
Kanata: I don't want to experience such thing ever again...
Seiya: ...Kanata
Chapter 32-1 (4)
Akira: You won't do such thing ever again. Since you don't want Noah getting angry and scolding you again, right?
Seiya: ! Yeah, I had enough of Noah getting angry at me! Thank you two for worrying for me!
Kanata: Ehehe. Then it's ok. Me and Rabirabi will forgive you
Seiya: Hehe!
Seiya: (Ah...I can overcome it since I have such friends but, I wonder about the Producer...)
Seiya: (She may be a Producer, but the right to choose only one group is only for her)
Seiya: (Won't it be an incredible pressure for her? And also--)
Chapter 32-1 (5)
Kumakocho: You don't want to? .....What kinda spoiled thing are you saying? Once you enter the show business world you can't avoid making rivals
Kumakocho: Or do you think that you can become an idol with such weak preparation?
Seiya: .....But, I don't want it...Hey Producer, you think so too, right?
Producer: ...........
Kumakocho: ....You understand it better than anyone else don't you, Producer-chan
Chapter 32-1 (6)
Seiya: (I'm also worried about what the president said...)
Seiya: He-hey! How about we go meet the producer?
Seiya: I want to hear what Producer thinks of it!
Akira: Seiya...You're right. Let's go ask the producer about it too
Kanata: Yes! I want to meet Producer-san too!
Seiya: Ok then let's go right now!
Chapter 32-1 (7)
*door opens*
Seiya: Ah, where may the producer be?
Chapter 32-1 (8)
Kanata: Producer-san is always really busy, so you never find her in the same place
Akira: Eh? Are the ones over there Noah and Lucas?
Seiya: Oh, you're right! Heeey, Noah--
Lucas: There's no way I can agree to that!
Seiya: ?! Wh-what?!
Akira: Let's go see what's happening...
Chapter 32-1 (9)
Noah: Lucas, calm down. Even if you scream about it nothing will change, you know?
Lucas: And nothing will change even if I keep silent about it! Are you ok with that?!
Noah: ....I never said that I was ok with that
Lucas: Then you should have done something! But you just stood there and calmly listened to him!
Noah: Being calm is really important. But now the one that needs to calm down the most is have to cool down
Lucas: ! You basta--
Chapter 32-1 (10)
Rabi: Stop it Lucas! Calm down! Nothing will change if you hit him right?!
Lucas: Shut your trap! Let me go, Rabi!!
Chapter 32-1 (11)
Chaoyang: ....W-w-what do I do...what do I do
Leon: ................
Chapter 32-1 (12)
Seiya: Hey hey! What the hell is happening here!
Chaoyang: Ah, Seiya-san....! Ehm, it's that--
Lucas: Chaoyang! No need to explain it to him!
Chaoyang: !
Chapter 32-1 (13)
Rabi: Lucas! Don't vent it at Chaoyang too!
Lucas: Shut up! They have nothing to do here! It's our own problem....!
Chapter 32-1 (14)
Akira: It's obvious we would get worried if you scream in such a loud voice, right? What happened...You're not your usual self at all
Lucas: My usual self? What's my usual self? ...Didn't you hear that talk from Seiya too?
Lucas: Why are you being silent after hearing such selfish thing!
Seiya: That thing...are you talking about the Music Awards?
Lucas: Is there anything else besides that! ....I can't accept the president's trial! I'm going to directly talk to him!
Chapter 32-1 (15)
Noah: And what will come out of it?
Noah: You're just going back and forth a path that you can't avoid. You may not be going there now, but you will surely sooner or later.
Noah: .....Did you forget what happened during the recording test with the second generation?
Noah: At that time you lost your composure and failed. To think that this is the same as last time
Noah: Getting all angry like that is one of your bad habits...
Noah: Give it a break now and open your eyes, Lucas. Nobody has the patience to listen to you.
Chapter 32-1 (16)
Lucas: ! Shut up! What...What do you even know about me!!
Producer: Everyone, what's with all this noise? You could be heard until outside you know?
Seiya: Ah, Producer!

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