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Chapter 32-2 (1)
Lucas: .............
Producer: Lucas-kun....what happened? Why are you so angry?
Lucas: ...Are you....Ro....
Producer: Eh?
Chapter 32-2 (2)
Lucas: You are...President's ally, right?
Lucas: Then, to me you're enemy
Producer: ....Lucas-kun, what are you saying?
Producer: I certainly am his underling, since I work in Ailedore
Producer: But I'm also everyone's producer, so I'm not just his ally you know?
Lucas: ...You're joking. You will choose only one of us after all, right?
Producer: !
Lucas: President's...That guy's way of doing things full of trials is strange. Don't you think so too?
Lucas: And yet you will still do everything he says, and choose only one group. That doesn't make you someone of Ailedore, but just his subordinate
Producer: That's....
Producer: ..........
Lucas: ....You're not denying it
Lucas: With this it's clear. I will never----
Chapter 32-2 (3)
Lucas: Believe in you as a producer
Producer: Lu-Lucas-kun....
Chapter 32-2 (4)
Seiya: What's with that....
Seiya: You shouldn't talk to her like that, Lucas!
Lucas: Then are you saying that what the President does is right!
Seiya: No! I wasn't talking about that! I couldn't care less about the president right now!
Seiya: I just...feel really sad...that you're talking bad like that to your friends and the producer
Lucas: !
Lucas: ......What I want to say won't change, no matter how you feel about it
Chapter 32-2 (5)
Kumakocho: ....You're all being really loud aren't you~
Producer: ! Pre-President!
Chapter 32-2 (6)
Lucas: ....So the devil finally made his entrance
Kumakocho: You're being really mean like that~ So? Why are you being so loud like a little kid?
Lucas: You're the one acting like a little kid here. What are you planning....
Kumakocho: Non. I'm not planning anything. If I had to say it then---
Chapter 32-2 (7)
Kumakocho: I'm just taking part in your growth~
Lucas: ....Our growth?
Lucas: Isn't it impossible for you to raise people?[1]
Kumakocho: Ouch~ You hit a painful spot~
Kumakocho: But you know...I have a good privilege when it comes to you
Kumakocho: Since we have a bond that can't be cut off...
Chapter 32-2 (8)
Lucas: SHUT UP!!
Producer: (What does he mean that can't be cut off?)
Kumakocho: I wish you would be more kind to me~ Since after all, I'm--
Kumakocho: Your father, right?


  1. The term he used, 育つ(sodatsu) is also mostly used to refer to taking care of kids and raising them. In this case Lucas is calling him a terrible parent.

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