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Chapter 32-3 (1)
Seiya: Eh? Lucas is Kumakocho's son? What does that mean?
Kanata: Ehm, that Kumakocho is Lucas-kun's dad...?
Akira: That's, surprising....
Chapter 32-3 (2)
Noah&Rabi: .........
Chaoyang&Leon: .........
Chapter 32-3 (3)
Lucas: ....Don't play the role of the father now! The man that left me in France and went away has no persuasive power whatsoever!
Lucas: You chose your job over me. You have no right to talk to me!
Kumakocho: ...Then, why did you choose to apply for my company?
Lucas: !
Kumakocho: I was really surprised when I found out that you came here
Kumakocho: Since I thought that I would have never been able to see you again all my life...
Chapter 32-3 (4)
Lucas: Wrong! I came here in order to look back at you! So that I would become an idol able to overcome you...!
Kumakocho: .....Your opposition towards me right now is too strong
Kumakocho: It's too early for you to surpass me and go forward
Lucas: What did you say?
Kumakocho: I'm really sorry to say this, but looking at you being unreasonable like this makes it difficult for me to imagine you becoming an idol
Kumakocho: Surpassing me isn't something as simple as becoming an idol
Kumakocho: Will you stop making light of idols??
Chapter 32-3 (5)
Lucas: ?!
Kumakocho: If you regret it, then how about putting your objective on something else instead of surpassing me or not?
Kumakocho: Since there are still a lot of things that your narrow field of view can't see
Kumakocho: Well, being unreasonable like that makes you look like a dejected loser~
Lucas: I'm not a dejected loser!
Lucas: Talking more to you won't change anything. I will follow my own path!
Chapter 32-3 (6)
Rabi: Ah, wait a moment Lucas! Where are you going?!
Chaoyang: I-I....I will go after Lucas!
Chapter 32-3 (7)
Seiya: Ah...Rabi and Chaoyang went away too
Noah: We showed you somthing really unsightly
Kanata: No no, you don't need to say that. On the contrary, we're sorry for overhearing such an important talk from Lucas-kun....
Chapter 32-3 (8)
Kumakocho: You don't have to apologize Kanata-kun~
Producer: On the contrary, I wish you would apologize, President
Kumakocho: Eh?! Producer-chan why are you saying such a mean thing~
Producer: Because, the one at fault for leaving Lucas alone at France is---
Everyone: You!!
Kumakocho: *sob*...Mr.Bear doesn't have any allies anymore~ How sad~
Chapter 32-3 (9)
Leon: ...Listen here, Boss!
Kumakocho: Hm? Oh oh? Now that reminds me, you've been quiet all the time Leon-kun, right?
Leon: Because I was listening! Anyways, there's something I want to ask you, Boss
Kumakocho: What is it~
Leon: Why did you leave Lucas in France?
Kumakocho: ..............
Leon: Is it something that you can't say?
Kumakocho: No...the reason is simple
Kumakocho: I just....chose music over my own son...just that
Leon: I see...I really want to become an idol, so I think it's incredible of you Boss to have been able to achieve that
Leon: However, if I had to put it as Lucas', as Lucas' friend, then you're a complete failure as a father!
Chapter 32-3 (10)
Kumakocho: Gueh!! D-don't hit me on my stomach...
Leon: It would be too little to end it at just this! But now I will go search for Lucas!
Chapter 32-3 (11)
Seiya: Woooow! Leon was so cool!!
Noah: You're right. He looked way cooler than always today
Chapter 32-3 (12)
Noah: Ah, but President. Leon's punch is just a light thing, you know?
Noah: If Rabi had been here instead of Leon you wouldn't be able to speak in this moment...
Noah: Well then, I'm going to search for Lucas too
Chapter 32-3 (13)
Kumakocho: ...I♥B is....a really scary group. Did I gather some dangerous kids here?
Kumakocho: ...But, as a father, I'm happy that my son has friends like you guys

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