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Kumakocho: Now, on to everyone else. I'm so sorry for causing troubles~
Chapter 33-1 (1)
Kumakocho: By the way, Seiya-kun. Where were you about to go?
Seiya: Ah! Right! We were searching for the producer!
Producer: Me?
Seiya: Yes! Some problems happened earlier but, will you really choose only one group?
Kumakocho: Are you going on about that too~? I said so and so it will be done. Right, Producer-chan?
Producer: ...If the president says to do it then I will choose only one group
Chapter 33-1 (2)
Kanata: Producer-san...
Akira: ....Are you really ok with that?
Producer: It doesn't matter if I'm ok with it or not. I have to do it. That's the world of show business...
Seiya: ....I don't like it
Producer: It doesn't matter if you like it or not, that's the world of show--
Seiya: No! I'm not angry about that! I just don't like it that you're making such expression!
Producer: Eh?
Seiya: .....Producer, you have a really pained expression, y'know? You look like you don't agree with it at all.
Seiya: But you're still pushing yourself and saying what you don't want
Producer: That's because...
Seiya: Say, Producer. There's something I've been wanting to ask you
Seiya: Why did you become a producer?
Producer: ............
Chapter 33-1 (3)
Kokoro: I want to hear that too
Seiya: Ah, Kokoro!
Kokoro: Hmph! The third generation is as always so childish~ You know way too little about how scary the idol world can be
Seiya: Is it really that scary?
Kokoro: Yes, it really is. In particular when you choose "being alone" route. I was like that in the past too....
Kokoro: Ah, but we strayed from the main topic. So, Producer. Hurry up and tell us why did you choose this job!
Producer: I'm sorry....everyone. I still don't want to talk about it...
Chapter 33-1 (4)
Seiya: Why?!
Producer: ...I'm sorry
Seiya: We don't want you to apologize! Just, we just want you to--
Kokoro: Seiya!
Seiya: Don't stop me, Kokoro!
Kokoro: You're an idiot! Calm down now! Who was the one that said "I don't want to see the producer in pain"?!
Seiya: Ah....
Seiya: So-sorry. I'm not composed right now at all...
Seiya: I'm going to cool my head outside a bit!
Chapter 33-1 (5)
Kanata: Ah! Seiya! W-w-what do we do...Akira-kun?
Akira: Seiya must be feeling really bad with himself now so let's leave him for a bit. And now it's also--
Producer: .............
Akira: I'm worried about the Producer too
Kokoro: Good grief. Leave the producer to Kokoro-chan. We will talk it between girls. Meanwhile Burned bread and Kanata should go after Seiya!
Akira: Burned bread....
Kanata: Uwah! A-akira-kun calm down! I have to be the one holding it together here huh, Rabirabi?
Kanata: Come on Akira-kun! Let's leave the producer to Kokoro-chan and go after Seiya!
Akira:'re right. Let's hurry and search for him!
Chapter 33-1 (6)
Kokoro: So, for how long do you plan to keep that sad expression?
Producer: I'm sorry....I made everyone worry...I'm....a failure as producer
Kokoro: As. I. Said! Please stop it with that!
Kokoro: Actually, I still have some stuff to ask you, so I'll be patient
Kokoro: I'm the same as Seiya. I don't want you to look so sad either
Producer: ....Hanabusa-san
Chapter 33-1 (7)
Kumakocho: Everyone is so kind towards Producer-chan~ How nice how nice~
Kokoro: Yaaawn, President. Do you know the meaning of "Difference of virtues"?
Kumakocho: *sobs*....
Kokoro: (And also...she's so obstinate about not saying why she became a producer)
Kokoro: (What even happened to the producer in the past?)

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