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Chapter 33-2 (1)
Seiya: *sigh*...How could I make the producer that sad. I'm the worst man possible....
Seiya: (I just wanted to know if there was anything worrying the Producer too)
Seiya: (And then I overreacted like that...Ah~ I'm a real idiot!)
Seiya: But...But you know! The producer should open herself to us more too!
Seiya: ....How can we be more reliable for her? She's our companion too after all...
Seiya: Hm? I can hear a song...Is it from downstairs?
Chapter 33-2 (2)
Seiya: (Is it from that window over there? There's the music room there after all, right?)
Seiya: This song is kinda...Really really sad...
Seiya: I'm worried about who's singing this...So I'll go peek a bit!
Seiya: (Who is singing this song? Ah, there!)
Chapter 33-2 (3)
Lucas: La la la lala....♪
Lucas: ....*sigh* Why does it turn only in a sad melody...
Lucas: If I keep composing the song with my current feelings I will never finish it...How can I deal with such emotions...
Chapter 33-2 (4)
Seiya: Lucas?
Lucas: ! ...Seiya? It's unusual for you to come after me...
Lucas: ....Are you still worried about what happened ealier?
Chapter 33-2 (5)
Seiya: N-No! I was staying in the rooftop because I was feeling down and there I heard a singing voice, so I got interested and came here
Lucas: Ah...So that was it. Though, you were feeling down?
Seiya: Ah, I got found out...
Lucas: Fuh...You're a honest one. I'm sure that all this wouldn't have happened if I were able to speak honestly like you....
Seiya: Lucas...I was really surprised when I found out that your father was the president
Seiya: Although it's impossible for me to understand how you felt when you were left alone in the past...
Seiya: I think I would feel really sad if my father did such thing to me...
Lucas: ....Enough with that now. It doesn't matter if you understand it or not, since this is only for the concerned ones to understand.
Seiya: B-but! Is it ok for you to always be like this?!
Chapter 33-2 (6)
Lucas: I will never think good of him. I...I will never forgive him for what he did...
Seiya: Lucas...
Seiya: Hey, Lucas...About the song I heard earlier. It sounded incredibly sad
Lucas: ....And does that mean anything? That was your own impression based on what you felt, right?
Lucas: How I sing has nothing to do with you!
Seiya: ! It does! It does so....I could understand that you were feeling really down with it!
Lucas: !
Seiya: I understood it from hearing that song. The reason you're so sad is because of your father, right?
Seiya: Or are you regretting what you told to the producer earlier?
Chapter 33-2 (7)
Lucas: With this it's clear. I will never believe in you as a producer
Chapter 33-2 (8)
Lucas: ............
Seiya: Truth is....I made her sad earlier too...
Seiya: That's why I understand your feelings really well. I regret it so much now too....
Lucas: Seiya....You're really a honest one, something that I can't be....I'm always told by the others that I'm a stubborn one
Lucas: I've never been able to express my feelings to people, ever since the past....That's why I remembered about showing my feelings through my songs
Lucas: All the songs I've composed so far are full of the feelings I had at that time...
Lucas: My feelings towards I♥B, my anger towards him...That's why I thought about composing a song with my current feelings
Lucas: But it's impossible....I can't compose a song with my regret over hurting the producer...
Seiya: Lucas....
Chapter 33-2 (9)
Seiya: You're a really pure one!
Lucas: Huh?! What are you saying now!
Seiya: Eh? Did I say something strange?
Lucas: ~~~! Saying such things while being unaware of it...You're a frightening one exactly like Leon and Torahiko...
Seiya: Why did the talk come to them now? Have they said to you the same thing I did?
Lucas: N-Not really the same, more like something similar...But that doesn't matter now!
Chapter 33-2 (10)
Leon: Kuku...Pfff Hahaha!! I cant, my stomach hurts so much...
Lucas: Wha-?!
Seiya: Eh? Leon! Why are you here?

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