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Chapter 33-3 (1)
Seiya: Leon! How long have you been here?
Leon: Ehm...for quite long? I was searching for Lucas together with Noah and the other, and I finally found you!
Leon: He was here, exactly as you said!
Chapter 33-3 (2)
Torahiko: Nishishi! Didn't I tell you, Leo! My intuition is really good y'know?
Lucas: Even Torahiko!
Torahiko: Yo, Lucas! Leo was searching for you here and there so I thought about giving a hand too!
Leon: You walk really fast, so Rabi and Chaoyang lost sight of you and became really confused, y'know?
Lucas: ....Didn't I tell you to leave me alo---
Chapter 33-3 (3)
Leon: Don't say stupid stuff! Enough with it now, so come on, correct that unhonest part!
Seiya: No no, Leon! Lucas is actually a really Pure Pure guy!
Torahiko: That can't be helped! Lucas is a really sensitive guy after all!
Lucas: ~~~! Did you all come here to make fun of me!
Chapter 33-3 (4)
Leon: We didn't come here to make fun of you! Everyone is just worried about you!
Lucas: !?
Leon: But you're more cheerful than what I thought! Thanks to Seiya you turned back to your usual self!
Lucas: (Now that he mentions it....I feel like all my sad feelings have been disappearing since earlier...)
Lucas: (Did I get dragged in those guys' mood?)
Leon: Seiya, thank you!
Seiya: Huh? But I didn't do anything?
Leon: Haha! That lack of self-consciousness is one of your parts too!
Chapter 33-3 (5)
Torahiko: By the way, earlier I ended up overhearing Lucas and Seiya talking, but did you two say anything to the producer?
Lucas&Seiya: Uuuu....
Leon: I don't know what Seiya told her, but Lucas said some really mean words!
Lucas: Having that pointed out by Leon hurts's the truth. I said something mean to the producer
Leon: Yes. So, you know what to do now, right, Lucas?
Lucas: Yes...Apologizing to.---
Leon: Noooo! That won't be enough!
Lucas: Won't be enough? Then what should I do?
Chapter 33-3 (6)
Leon: That's obvious. Putting into practice what you said earlier, right?
Lucas: Huh?
Seiya: Ah, that thing!
Torahiko: I see, so it's that! Like that Lucas will be able to speak honestly too!
Chapter 33-3 (7)
Lucas: Wh-what's going on! I don't understand what's this "That". Tell me about it too!
Leon: Alright! It's decided then, so we will need help from the rest of I♥B too! I'll go search for them!
Torahiko: Ah, Leo! I will help you search too!
Torahiko: And Seiya! Akira and Kanata were searching for you earlier!
Seiya: For real?! Were they worried and searched for me...I'll go search for them too!
Torahiko: Both I♥B and F∞F are really close!
Torahiko: Well, obviously ArS is as close too! Nishishi! Then, let's go now!
Chapter 33-3 (8)
Lucas: What in the world was that?
Seiya: Do you still not understand Lucas? You'll become really busy now too!
Lucas: Busy?
Seiya: Yeah! That's cause...
Chapter 33-3 (9)
Lucas: ! ...I see. I can do that
Seiya: We will help you too!
Lucas: ...Having you guys help me will be reassuring
Seiya: Yeah! I'll go search for Akira and Kanata now so I'll have to leave you! Wait just for a bit!
Lucas: Then, I will start composing now. In order to tell my feelings to the Producer---
Chapter 33-3 (10)
The next day
Producer: Aido-kun! Why are you in such a hurry?
Chapter 33-3 (11)
Seiya: Just wait and follow after me, Producer!
Producer: (Even though that thing happened yesterday it seems he turned back to his usual self...)
Producer: (Does it have anything with what he's about to show me perhaps?)
Producer: What...Why did you drag me here?
Chapter 33-3 (12)
Seiya: Enough with that, Producer! Sit here please
Producer: O-ok...
Producer: This is I♥B's song.....!
Chapter 33-3 (13)
Noah: Hello Producer
Producer: Noah-kun! Why is everyone standing on that stage?
Rabi: This is a special stage for you, Producer
Chaoyang: It's in front of Producer-san so I'm even more nervous than usual....
Producer: What do you mean with "Speacial stage for you"?
Chapter 33-3 (14)
Leon: Come on Lucas! You've gotta be the one to say it!
Lucas: Shut up! I know it....
Producer: Lucas-kun....
Chapter 33-3 (15)
Lucas: Producer...Ehm, I'm really sorry about those mean things I said to you...
Lucas: Blood rushed to my head, and I said stuff without thinking about it
Lucas: I'm really sorry that I hurt you...
Lucas: Today I made into a song my felings towards you. We decicate this new song to you, Producer
Chapter 33-3 (16)
Lucas: Please listen to our new song, Shinkai Mermaid
Producer: ....This song is for me?
Seiya: It's a really kind song isn't it...I♥B's instrument help show Lucas' feelings even better, and it sounds really good
Producer: Yes....Like a kind song that comes from the depth of the ocean
Producer: ......Thank you
Chapter 33-3 (17)
Lucas: ....Thank you for listening until the end
Lucas: I said that I couldn't believe in you as prouducer
Lucas: I take back what I said. I want to believe in you
Lucas: No matter what group you will choose, I will trust your decision until the end
Lucas: If it's you as Producer, who managed to take my words immediately then...I want to trust you
Producer: Lucas-kun...
Noah: Everyone in I♥B thinks the same as Lucas
Noah: Producer. I believe in you
Torahiko: Nishishi! Everyone in ArS thinks the same too!
Producer: Kusakabe-kun....!
Chapter 33-3 (18)
Satsuki: Hey, you didn't forget about us right?
Producer: Satsuki-kun!
Satsuki: I heard what happened with Lucas. Do you remember when I told you in the past that I couldn't accept you as producer?
Producer: ....Yes. I remember
Satsuki: Of course you would. A man never comes back to his words. At that time I decided to approve of you as Producer
Satsuki: It can't be helped, so I will trust you!
Producer: ...Thank you, Satsuki-kun
Chapter 33-3 (19)
Seiya: Producer!
Seiya: I thought that I wanted to know more about you!
Seiya: That's because you're an important companion to us!
Seiya: But I understood it. It's not a big problem if I don't learn everything right now
Seiya: I will get to know you more bit by bits from now on. There's no need for me to be in a hurry
Seiya: Because after all, you will make us into Top Idols, right?
Chapter 33-3 (20)
Seiya: If so, then there's still lots of time left!
Producer: Geez...I won't let you take so long for it!
Producer: Even if just a bit, I'll make sure to get everyone recognized as idols!
Everyone: Yeah!
Seiya: Alright! Somehow all my uneasy feelings went away!
Chapter 33-3 (21)
Seiya: I want to sing too! Noah, let's sing something together!
Noah: Fufu...You're as free as always, Seiya
Torahiko: Alright!! The great me will sing too! Let's go Satsuki!
Chapter 33-3 (22)
Satsuki: Hey hey wait! Don't drag me like that, Torahiko!
Producer: (I'm happy I got to be their producer...)
Producer: (I have to go forward that I won't get left behind!)

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