Producer: .....Twinkle Bell are twins, and as such their synchrony can cause miracles.
Producer: I♥B is a refreshing band, and their "teenager" image is their charming point...
Producer: ArS' individuality stands out, and all the bustling that they cause may look bad, but there's an unknown power that works as a plus for them...
Producer: POP' N STAR has a natural disposition that no one can copy.
Producer: RE:BERSERK has created their own peculiar world and everyone that looks at them gets dragged in...
Producer: Tenjyou Tenge always focuses forward with their majestic performances. They're the ones that manage to show their talent and technique better than anyone else.
Producer: Even though F∞F consists of different ages, they're the most energetic unit and have a mysterious charm that makes you want to cheer for them...
Producer: ....Every group is really talented, so choosing only one is impossible...
Producer: (And then there's Lancelot...)
Producer: (I never thought those three would aim to become idols.)
Producer: (I certainly thought that they had a mysterious charm, but to think that we would end in opposite positions....)
Producer: ( adult unit that fascinates you with their appearance and performance, regardless of age...)
Chapter 34-3 (1)
Issei:'ve been talking to yourself for quite a while now, but, did you finally lose it?
Producer: Right, right...those insults add a wildness to them, too, and...WHAT?!
Producer: Why are you here?!
Chapter 34-3 (2)
Futami: I'm here, too, Producer-chan♪
Takamichi: You noticed us way too late...
Producer: You two were here, too?! Did you three listen to what I said earlier?
Issei: Of course someone would if you talk in such a loud voice, right?
Producer: I didn't notice it at all...
Futami: That's like you. As expected of the "Job Demon"~.
Issei: Hmm. It seems that she hasn't abandoned her job.
Producer: ....There's no way I would abandon it.
Issei: I wonder. You seem way more troubled than usual. Is choosing only one group that difficult for you?
Producer: Yes....this is the most difficult decision I've made in my life.
Issei: ....Even more than choosing to be a producer?
Producer: ! ....This and that are completely different things.
Producer: I don't regret becoming a producer in the slightest bit.
Issei: Figured so. When I came to Ailedore and saw you, I finally understood it.
Chapter 34-3 (3)
Issei: The fact that you're walking a different path.
Producer: ...Yes.
Issei: Then, now's the time! It's really troublesome looking at you thinking so hard about it!
Issei: Hurry up and choose one group, you idiot!
Issei: And if you choose another group and not us, I'll just click my tongue but still agree to it.
Issei: This was all I wanted to say. ...See ya.
Chapter 34-3 (4)
Futami: Woah! Wasn't Issei really cool just now?
Takamichi: He has always been like that ever since the past... So, Producer.
Takamichi: Did Issei's scolding have any effect?
Producer: .............
Producer: Pfff...ahaha!! Todoroki-kun hasn't changed the slighest bit from the past! It's incredible!
Takamichi: Well, from our viewpoint, you haven't changed that much, either.
Chapter 34-3 (5)
Futami: Takamichi, in this case you were supposed to say, "You've become way more beautiful compared to before..." ~
Takamichi: Idiot! There's no way I would say that!!
Producer: So, you won't say it?
Takamichi: Eh? Ah, no...I'm-
Futami: Ever since the past I've thought that you were really cute and beautiful. So, let's go eat something together next time.
Futami: Of course, I'll be the one to pay. ...Or rather, I would like to, so if possible, I'd like to leave the paying part to you!
Takamichi: Hey, Futami! Don't steal my lines! And anyways, that was too impudent!
Producer: Ahaha! You two really haven't changed at all since the past.
Futami: Yes, well, there are relationships that don't change, too.
Producer: A relationship that never changes...I'm really jealous.
Takamichi: ....Your relationship with us hasn't changed either, right?
Producer: ....You're right. I would be happy if we stayed friends like this forever.
Futami: ....I don't want to have this relationship with you forever.
Futami: Issei and Takamichi think the same, too.
Producer: What do you me---
Futami: That's an answer you have to come up with yourself, so I won't give other hints!
Chapter 34-3 (6)
Futami: Then, let's go after Issei, Takamichi! Run, run~!
Takamichi: ! An adult shouldn't be running in the hallways! Bye then, Producer!
Producer: They went away....thank you, everyone....
Producer: Good! Let's give it our best!

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