Chapter 35-1 (1)
Seiya: .............
Seiya: The producer before becoming a producer...she's the same age as Issei, so she was in high school, right?
Seiya: matter how much I struggle I don't understand!
*door opens*
Producer: Eh? So you were still in the classroom, Aido-kun.
Chapter 35-1 (2)
Seiya: Uwah?! P-Producer!!
Producer: Why are you that surprised?
Chapter 35-1 (3)
Seiya: I thought you heard what I was saying right now...
Producer: Is it something that would trouble you if I asked?
Seiya: Ehm, I think it's probably so....
Producer: Ahaha! You're a honest person.
Producer: ....You're worried about me becoming a producer, right?
Seiya: ! I-I'm sorry! I know I said that I would stop thinking about it, but I can't help but getting interested...
Seiya: I'll stop thinking about it now! Sorry for fussing over you.
Producer: No. I'm actually the one fussing over it now. Today, I realized that talking with the I-Chus helped me a lot.
Producer: Because everyone said that they believed in me.....
Producer: I thought that I have to trust everyone too, and to face everyone properly without keeping secrets.
Producer: Aido-kun. The story will drag for a bit, but...are you willing to listen to me?
Seiya: Producer....
Chapter 35-1 (4)
Seiya: Of course I'll listen! Talk to me, Producer!
Kokoro: Wait a moment!
Producer: Hanabusa-san?
Chapter 35-1 (5)
Kokoro: You've got quite the nerve to think about talking to someone without telling me anything, Producer.
Kokoro: Kokoro will obviously listen to that story too, dear.
Seiya: Kokoro...were you eavesdropping?
Kokoro: How rude! I wasn't! I was just worried about the producer and decided to go and see the situation!
Producer: That's like you, Hanabusa-san. Thank you for worrying about me.
Kokoro: No need to thank're the only woman in Ailedore so it's obvious I would worry about you.
Seiya: You're really kind towards the producer, aren't you?
Chapter 35-1 (6)
Kokoro: ....Hey, that sounded like I'm not kind to anyone besides the producer!
Seiya: Wah, my bad! I wasn't saying it with that intention!
Kokoro: Geez.... Anyways, Producer. Please start talking to us about it.
Producer: Yes. But first...
(Location changes)
Producer: ....The wind sure feels nice. Here, we can talk without problems.
Chapter 35-1 (7)
Seiya: Hey, Producer. Is it really okay to talk to us?
Kokoro: What are you saying now? If you're scared, then you can go away.
Seiya: I'm not scared or anything! It's just that...the other day, she looked like she didn't want to talk about this at all...
Seiya: I would be really sorry if I forced you to talk with all my asking...
Producer: Don't worry, Aido-kun. I decided to talk to you by my own will.
Seiya: ....If you say, so then I feel really relieved. I really want to know more about you.
Chapter 35-1 (8)
Seiya: Please, Producer, tell me.
Producer: Yes. But, first I will start from when I wasn't a producer yet...
Producer: Truth is....before becoming a producer, I was like you.
Producer: I was an "I-Chu"...

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