Chapter 35-2 (1)
Kokoro: The same as us...
Seiya: An "I-Chu"...
Producer: Yes. But it's something from very long ago. At that time, Etoile Vio wasn't founded yet.
Producer: And at that time, there weren't as many people as now. I was like an "I-Chu test case".
Seiya: Like a test case, huh....but if so, then it means that you became an I-Chu to become an idol, right?
Seiya: Then why are you a producer now?
Kokoro: *sigh*...You're an idiot, aren't you. Can't you guess that a lot happened at that time and that's why she couldn't talk until now?
Producer: As expected of Hanabusa-san. You're sharp. ....I was still in high school when I was an I-Chu...
Producer: I was the same age as Aido-kun. The days I spent aiming to become an idol were really enjoyable and looked like they were shining for me.
Producer: And I was also living my high school life with was almost the same life that you guys are living now.
Producer: Then when I graduated from high school, I entered the world of show business, but after a while...
Producer: The producer whom I admired died in a car accident.
Producer: That person watched over my growth ever since I was an I-Chu, and was someone I respected a lot.
Producer: After my producer died, I couldn't sing anymore, as if a thread was cut. I also wasn't able to dance, either.
Producer: After failing once, I kept going down, as if I was falling off a cliff.
Producer: As time passed, it became even more difficult to turn back to the world of show business.
Producer: I wasted so much time that I couldn't go back to being an idol anymore. When I thought about giving up...
Producer: ...The president told me something.
Producer: "I don't want your light to end here. If you still have some fighting spirit left, then how about you try becoming a producer?" was what he said.
Chapter 35-2 (2)
Kokoro: The president did...
Producer: Yes. That's why the president is like a caretaker for me.
Producer: He's been looking after me ever since I was an I-Chu, and the one who returned me to this world again.
Seiya: So that's never go against what he says....
Producer: It's not really like that...If I feel like I have to, I won't say more than what's needed to say.
Producer: The president did me a favor that I can never return.
Seiya: I those days a lot of stuff happened, but you weren't the only one I didn't know anything about. I didn't know anything about the president, too.
Producer: I don't know that much about the president either, but I'm sure that what happened with Lucas-kun was because of certain circumstances.
Producer: He may be a strange person, but he's actually really kind. ...Anyways, it's thanks to him that I'm the current me.
Producer: I'm enjoying my producer life to the fullest right now.
Producer: Being able to support everyone, who is working hard everyday exactly as I was in the past, makes me feel grateful.
Producer: .....And that's everything as to why I became a producer.
Chapter 35-2 (3)
Seiya: ...You lost a person dear to you.
Producer: Yes. A really dear person to me. I've never felt as sad as that day.
Kokoro: Of course. Everyone would feel pained after losing someone important to them.
Kokoro: But I'm glad you managed to recover from it!
Seiya: Yeah. Or else, you wouldn't be our producer right now.
Chapter 35-2 (4)
Seiya: I'm glad I got to know that it was thanks to the president and your previous producer!
Seiya: I'm thankful to those two from the bottom of my heart!
Producer: makes me really happy to hear that. Thank you for hearing me out.
Producer: I did think in the past about talking to everyone about my past as an I-Chu, but....
Producer: The thing with Lucas-kun happened, and I felt that there still were parts where I lacked.
Producer: I'm still like everyone else- I'm just an "egg" of a producer.
Producer: So, as I keep helping everyone grow into an idol, I'll also grow myself as a producer!
Producer: So I wish you would let me be be by your side as a producer.
Chapter 35-2 (5)
Seiya: Yeah! Of course, Producer!
Seiya: I know that in the past I said how it felt like the distance I had with you and Kokoro got shortened, but now I'm more sure than ever about it!
Seiya: So, Producer. I will say it once again. Best regards from now on!
Producer: Yes!
Seiya: Then, will you let me hug you as congratulations this time?
Producer: Eh...that's kind of...
Seiya: Eeh? Is it still not okay...?
Producer: (Ah....if you make such a sad face...)
Producer: ....Got it. It's fine, let's hug to congratulate it.
Seiya: For real?! Thanks, Producer! Best regards from now on, too!
Chapter 35-2 (6)
Kokoro: ?! Seiya, stop it! How can you hug a girl without shame like that! What are you thinking, idiot?!
Chapter 35-2 (7)
Seiya: Then, let's hug all together, Kokoro!
Kokoro: Kyaa! Could you please not drag me in, too?!
Chapter 35-2 (8)
Seiya: Ahaha! I love you all!

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