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Producer: Aido-kun, won't you let go of us now?
Chapter 35-3 (1)
Seiya: Eeeh! Even though I finally managed to hug you?
Kokoro: What are you saying! We can't stay like this forever! Hurry up and let--
Issei: HEY!
Chapter 35-3 (2)
Seiya: Wawah! Issei? Why are you here?
Issei: We've been here before you...
Producer: "We"--
Chapter 35-3 (3)
Futami: Ah~ Issei, I told you to not show yourself~
Takamichi: Holding him down was impossible after all...
Producer: As I though, you two were here too...Did you perhaps...listen to that story?
Issei: Of course
Producer: I I got heard...
Issei: That's not the important thing, right? Why didn't you tell us about it earlier...
Producer: ....I couldn't exactly say it because you three knew very well that I used to be an I-Chu
Producer: I thought that sooner or later I would talk to you about it, so I'm sorry that you had to hear it like this
Chapter 35-3 (4)
Futami: How could you, Producer. We're your friends, so you shouldn't have been hesitant and talked to us about it....
Takamichi: But we didn't do anything when you were in such pain....We're sorry that we didn't notice it
Producer: What are you saying, Sanzenin-kun. It happened after high school, so of course you wouldn't know about it
Issei: ...........
Producer: Todoroki-kun, are you angry?
Issei: I'm angry at me being worthless, and at your stubbornness....
Chapter 35-3 (5)
Seiya: You were worried all the time about the Producer too
Seiya: You even came to ask me about her today--
Issei: You're talking too much, Seiya?
Seiya: Ouch! Issei, don't hit my foot like that~
Chapter 35-3 (6)
Kokoro: Issei is a real idiot too. If you were worried you should have just said so honestly. You're a really clumsy man
Issei: Who are you calling clumsy? Don't get too full of yourself, Kokoro!
Producer: Guys guys! Come on, don't fight
Issei: Hmph. Seiya, Kokoro. I have to discuss something with the Producer so you two go ahead
Seiya: EH! Why? I wanna stay here t--
Issei: Shut up and go!
Kokoro: Good grief...What a selfish man. Let's go Seiya.
Seiya: ....Got it. Producer! Best regards from tomorrow onwards too!
Producer: Yes! Thanks to you both for listening to my story!
Producer: ...So, what did you guys want to say?
Chapter 35-3 (7)
Issei: Listen....You have to say such important things to us first
Producer: As I said, it was hard to say it to you and--
Chapter 35-3 (8)
Futami: We may have been smiling until now but, we're actually really angry, you know?
Producer: Akabane-kun....
Futami: So our bonds weren't as deep as we thought huh. Do we look so unreliable that you couldn't even talk to us about it
Producer: You're wrong! I couldn't exactly talk about it because you three are really important to me
Producer: I was afraid that you would hate me for saying such a worthless story...
Takamichi: Oi Futami. Haven't you said too much? Can't you understand that it must have been too hard for her to talk to us about it?
Futami: I know that too. But still, it's frustrating
Futami: We couldn't do anything....If only we could have talked with you again sooner...
Issei: Enough with that now...More importantly
Chapter 35-3 (9)
Issei: You didn't talk to Seiya and Kokoro about "Him", right?
Producer: .....I haven't met with him anymore, so I didn't consider it relevant to talk about
Issei: You haven't met once since then?
Producer: Yes. Ever since I stopped being an I-Chu I haven't met with "him" anymore. And I don't know where he went either...
Issei: I see...I don't know if anything happened with "him" after you stopped being an I-Chu but...
Issei: I deduced that since he wasn't by your side something must have happened with him
Producer: ..............
Issei: Will you not talk to us about that either?
Producer: I don't plan on talking to you three about that. That's a problem between me and "him"...
Producer: That's something I will have to settle by myself one day
Issei: ...............Well, figures
Chapter 35-3 (10)
Issei: You've been a stubborn woman ever since the past
Producer: Yes, and I'm sorry about that....Then, I'll go now. Bye bye
Futami: ......Was it fine like that, Issei
Issei: It couldn't be helped. I can't force her to tell us after all
Futami: Even though it's a distance you can surpass if you reached out your hand....You're unexpectedly a coward, Issei
Issei: I don't want to be told that by you
Takamichi: When I saw her profile today I got reminded of it. That cold winter day when we last met...
Issei: Yes, that day felt as if even your heart would freeze.....

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