Chapter 36-2 (1)
Seiya: Problems that haven't been settled yet? Were there any?
Satsuki: I wonder...I don't pay attention to anything else besides Mutsuki~.
Noah: Good two are really carefree when it comes to other people, aren't you?
Chapter 36-2 (2)
Seiya: Wawah....Noah got angry...
Satsuki: He's so scary....!
Kanata: Of course he'd be angry. The problem with Lucas-kun hasn't been solved yet!
Seiya&Satsuki: ...Ah.
Noah: Did you really forget about it....?
Chapter 36-2 (3)
Torahiko: But, he has to solve that thing by himself. That's none of our business, right?
Noah: You're frank....but, you're right. We can't do anything more than this.
Noah: The only thing we can do now is look over Lucas and help him if anything happens.
Torahiko: You're spoiling him a lot!
Noah: And you're surprisingly rather strict...
Torahiko: You're wrong, y'know? I'm always really kind, right? Nishishi!
Chapter 36-2 (4)
Akira: That part of you befits the leader of ArS. I felt a bit of tyranny...
Akira: What I meant to talk about was about Lucas, too, but there is something else that we can't help but discuss, right?
Seiya: Eh?! Are there more problems?!
Akira: My, my....Seiya, did you forget that we're fighting for the Music Awards?
Seiya: Ah....
Chapter 36-2 (5)
Noah: Haha! You really have no will for it.
Satsuki: Meanwhile, I remember it perfectly~! Mutsuki and I will surely take that spot!
Noah: We don't plan on losing either, you know?
Torahiko: Nishishi! This became fun!
Seiya: I didn't forget about it, it's just that a lot of things for a moment, it left my mind!
Seiya: ...............
Chapter 36-2 (6)
Kanata: Seiya? Are you okay?
Seiya: Aah...sorry. I was just thinking of something, so it's fine!
Seiya: (....I really don't want only one group to be chosen. I wish we would all do more things together and have fun....)
Chapter 36-2 (7)
Kumakocho: You arrived here even though you were really busy. Merci~♪
TV Program Director: No need to thank me. I wanted to meet up with you after a while. Leaving that aside, your company sure grew up!
Kumakocho: Well~. If you ignore a lot of things, then this is just a company that moves~.
TV Program Director: Wouldn't it be interesting to broadcast a documentary of it on TV one day? What do you think?
Kumakocho: You just want to broadcast it on your TV program to get more views for you~.
TV Program Director: You understand very well~. But, if it's not interesting, I won't accept it, you know~♪
Chapter 36-2 (8)
Kumakocho: And that's exactly why you're the one to take care of such a big program like the Music Awards~.
TV Program Director: Right, right! I wanted to ask you something about that, but---
Producer: President, I have some documents that you should--- ah, there was a guest...
Producer: I'm sorry for intruding. I will come back later.
Kumakocho: Ah~, wait, wait~! This is someone I wanted to introduce to you, Producer-chan~.
Kumakocho: You know, this person is a friend of mine, the director of the Music Awards...
Producer: ! So it was the director. Nice to meet you. My name is [name], the producer.
TV Program Director: Ah! You're the rumored producer! I heard a lot about you from him.
Producer: ....President....
Chapter 36-2 (9)
Kumakocho: I just always praise you for working that hard~.
Producer: ....*sigh*...I will leave that to the side.
TV Program Director: Hahaha! This producer sure has a hold of herself. I'm sure she raises excellent I-Chus!
TV Program Director: Then I'll take my leave now----Ah, right! I forgot one last question!
TV Program Director: Will you tell me the name of the group you chose? I need to prepare a stage fitting to their song and style.
TV Program Director: If we don't start the preparations now, we won't make it in time, right?
Kumakocho: Yes, yes, that's reasonable~.
Kumakocho: But, I left the job of choosing a group to Producer-chan~.
Producer: ....I have a general idea of what to do, so would you please wait until tomorrow for an answer?
TV Program Director: Okay! Then I'll wait for your answer tomorrow. Best regards for next time then!
Kumakocho: Heeh, geez, Producer-chan, so you already know what to do~.
Chapter 36-2 (10)
Kumakocho: "She would surely choose F∞F and their hidden potential" is what I thought, but, what is the truth?
Producer: Please look forward to it until the day of the performance.
Producer: (Yes...because I've already decided...)

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