Producer: ....Alright!
Chapter 36-3 (1)
Tsubaki: Yo! You seem to be feeling rather refreshed.
Producer: ! Rindo-kun.
Tsubaki: So...did you make a decision?
Producer: .....About the Music Awards?
Tsubaki: Are you saying that there's something else besides that?
Producer: There's not. Inside me, I'm 90% sure of my decision.
Tsubaki: I see. It's obviously---
Chapter 36-3 (2)
Tsubaki: Us, the first generation, Tenjyou Tenge...right?
Producer: !.....Rindo-kun, let me go.
Tsubaki: No.
Chapter 36-3 (3)
Tsubaki: I won't let you go until you give me an answer that I'm expecting.
Tsubaki: We, Tenjyou Tenge, are the first generation unit, so we can't lose to our juniors. We have pride, after all...
Chapter 36-3 (4)
Tsubaki: So, which unit did you choose?
Producer: ....Rindo-kun. I'm not just your producer, but I'm the producer of everyone else, so I made a decision appropriate for that.
Tsubaki: Oh?
Producer: My decision is not what you've pictured, but it's something that will definitely not make you lose.
Producer: That's why...please believe me. Will you do it and follow my decision?
Chapter 36-3 (5)
Tsubaki: ...............
Producer: Rindo-kun?
Tsubaki: .......Kuku.
Chapter 36-3 (6)
Tsubaki: Hahaha! That's an answer that surpassed my expectations!
Producer: Eh? W-What? Do you mean that what you said before was a joke?!
Tsubaki: Half was a joke and the other half the truth!
Tsubaki: You know well that I'm not the type to move around based on pride or boring stuff like that, right?
Producer: Inside me, I knew that you're not, but urging me like that made me skip a heartbeat...
Producer: You may surprisingly have success as an actor, too.....
Tsubaki: I knew you would still talk about work even after something like this happened!
Tsubaki: But, I feel relieved now that I heard that you made a decision that surpassed my expectations.
Producer: But, I still didn't say who it was...
Tsubaki: There's no need to say it. I know that you chose me.
Producer: ...............
Tsubaki: You don't need to answer me right now, y'know?
Tsubaki: If you're only 90% sure, then it means that 10% of yourself is still worrying about it, right?
Producer: ....Yes...
Tsubaki: That's why I'll believe in you and wait. You're the producer I've acknowledged, after all.
Chapter 36-3 (7)
Tsubaki: But to think that the president would give such an important task to you, who was just a beginner at first~.
Producer: ....I can't lose to you and the rest of Tenjyou Tenge, after all.
Tsubaki: Heh. You know...I love the eyes you have when you oppose me.
Tsubaki: Say, Producer....
Producer: !
Chapter 36-3 (8)
Tsubaki: Be my woman....
Producer: ~~~!!! W-What are you saying---
Tsubaki: Kuku...hahaha!
Tsubaki: Mo~ron. It was a joke. But, you're already my producer, so there aren't problems with you being my woman too, right?
Producer: There are!!!
Producer: Geez...your jokes are scary...
Chapter 36-3 (9)
Tsubaki: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. So, Producer. What is that 10% of yourself worrying about?
Producer: Ah, right. I wanted to consult you about this. Truth is...

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