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Next Day---
Chapter 37-2 (1)
Tsubaki: Oh, you guys are finally here!
Chapter 37-2 (2)
Seiya: Tsubaki-san! I'll give it my best!
Akira: It kind of worries me to let you run wild alone, Seiya...
Kanata: You say that but, you seem rather happy, Akira-kun!
Akira: Fufu. I certainly do feel a bit excited about this. What the Producer proposed seems really interesting
Chapter 37-2 (3)
Tsubaki: Akira, keep the excitement for yourself until the last moment. More importantly, you guys understand, right?
Tsubaki: From now on the Producer will be busy with all the preparations. It's going to be annoying, but we have to take care of our duties by ourselves
Tsubaki: We're full of very different groups but, can you guys manage to make everyone agree to it?
Seiya: Yes! Tsubaki-san! I'll do it!
Akira: Our future depends on this so we will do it
Chapter 37-2 (4)
Kanata: We will catch our future with our own hand! Kind of? Ehehe♪
Tsubaki: Haha! That's strong-willed of you! Then I'll be counting on each one of you!
Chapter 37-2 (5)
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