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Chapter 37-3 (1)
Tsubaki: You must be great friends if you managed to say it at the same time!
Kokoro: If it's regarding you then I won't refuse to say the same thing as them!
Tsubaki: Hahaha! To think you would put such thought in it
Chapter 37-3 (2)
Issei: We're not putting thought into it, we're just clearly showing our hostility towards you!
Eva: I've been aware many times that you're a provocative man. However, I cannot ignore what you just said....
Tsubaki: Don't be so cold. You can't help it that I got chosen. I'm your senior after all
Issei: That has nothing to do with it! In this world the abilities are most important! And I don't think my abilities are inferior to yours!
Tsubaki: Heh. You're not gonna say it....
Eva: Fuh. I agree with Berserker. Gaia, today I shall break that strong confidence of yours...
Chapter 37-3 (3)
Kokoro: You two are getting so annoying! It sounds as if you're saying that you're the best ones here. But too bad for you!
Kokoro: This includes Tsubaki too, but I think that there's nothing that I lack compared to you guys! Do you even know how many people are willing to kneel down for me?
Kokoro: If you saw me from the same view as them then you would surely understand. Stay quiet and kneel for me!
Tsubaki: "As you wish"....was it? Doesn't Seiya do it plenty for you?
Kokoro: ! Don't you dare bring him up now!
Chapter 37-3 (4)
Issei: Tsk! This talk is straying....So, why did you suddenly get chosen for the Music Awards?
Eva: Maybe, Messiah herself told him about it
Tsubaki: And you're right. I heard it from the Producer herself
Tsubaki: But, choosing only one worried her a lot. And that's where I will give you guys, who didn't get chosen, a chance
Tsubaki: I can let you be Tenjyou Tenge's backup dancers. How does that sound?
Chapter 37-3 (5)
Tsubaki: Oh, that was close....Hey hey, even for an instant you shouldn't punch an idol's face, right?
Issei: Shut your trap you bastard....You were spewing bullshit a bit too much so without thinking I used my hand....
Chapter 37-3 (6)
Kokoro: Wai-?! Issei! Tsubaki may be really annoying, but you shouldn't lay a hand on him or it will be bad! Eva, help me stop Issei!
Eva: Eh? I-I need to accumulate enough magic power to stop Berserker so it will take some time, you know?
Kokoro: God, you're so useless! Tsubaki! You're the one that's saying annoying stuff so shut up for a moment!
Tsubaki: I was just being attentive and proposing something y'know? You can't do anything but give up now that I got chosen, right?
Kokoro: Who are you telling to give up? I haven't given up at all!
Tsubaki: Huuuh...You haven't given up?
Chapter 37-3 (7)
Kokoro: Yes. We've always seen how the producer was troubled over choosing the performer so we know
Kokoro: There's no way she would choose one without telling us!
Kokoro: And if it's true that you got chosen, hearing it from your mouth feels like the worst!
Kokoro: I will never accept it and give up until I get an answer from her in person!!
Tsubaki: ....I understand how you feel. Issei, Eva, is it the same for you too?
Chapter 37-3 (8)
Issei: Yeah. I will never agree until I hear it from her....
Eva: I feel the same....Because Messiah is our Producer
Tsubaki: Kuku....As I though, we're all I-Chu's, so you have to be tough like that!
*door opens*
Producer: Ah! I finally found you, Rindo-kun!
Tsubaki: Ah, Producer! Did you finish what you had to do?
Producer: Yes. Also thanks for your help---
Chapter 37-3 (9)
Kokoro: Hey Producer! Is it true that you chose Tsubaki?!
Issei: Oi, explain a bit...
Eva: You surely must have a reason that will satisfy me, right?
Producer: ...Rindo-kun, what's happening here?
Chapter 37-3 (10)
Tsubaki: Well, I had to make sure of what they thought, so I made a bit of an extreme lie
Tsubaki: Kokoro, Issei, Eva, I'm really sorry...What I said earlier were all lies!
Chapter 37-3 (11)
Kokoro&Issei&Eva: ...................
Kokoro: I will make you kneel so much that your face will be rubbing the floor
Issei: I'm really gonna hit you....
Eva: You can destroy him....
Chapter 37-3 (12)
Tsubaki: How is it, Producer! These guys are overflowing with motivation, right?
Producer: (I shouldn't have left it to Rindo-kun....)
Producer: seems like Rindo-kun has said some strange things, so I will explain everything now
Kokoro: This is completely different from what Tsubaki said!!
Tsubaki: Is that so? But it's not like everything was a lie though?
Chapter 37-3 (13)
Issei: You keep your mouth shut now....!
Producer: I didn't have much time, so I had Rindo-kun and F∞F help me a bit. What do you think after hearing my answer?
Eva: ...If I had to be honest, your view is too optimistic. We are children of this strict world. Your answer is sweet like a fairy tale....and frail
Producer: I know that. But I don't want those to be just sweet and frail fairy tales
Producer: I want to make a story so shining, that it will stay in the heart of those that see it forever...and that it can be called a masterpiece
Eva: .....Understood. Our role is to obey to you in the first place
Eva: I swear in the name of the Bloody Master, that I will help make the story you want to create better together
Chapter 37-3 (14)
Kokoro: I heard the answer from you in person, Producer, so now I can agree with it. It's something worth following you for
Kokoro: I will leave all of me in your care, Producer
Issei: I will believe in you, but don't forget that it's just because of my sense of duty
Issei: You...Finally managed to rely on someone for help
Producer: Eva-kun, Tododroki-kun, Hanabusa-san....
Producer: Thank you....
Chapter 37-3 (15)
Tsubaki: With this, the 1st and 2nd generations will believe in and follow you!
Tsubaki: We don't have any objections with it. We're counting on you, Producer!
Producer: Yes! Then, we have to do a lot of things before the performance!

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