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Producer: Yes...Tomorrow we will go with the organization I sent you via mail. Then, best regards from now on!
*closes phone*
Producer: Fuuh....It will finally be tomorrow....
Chapter 38-1 (1)
Kumakocho: Thank you for working so hard until this late~
Producer: President....Thank you for the hard work too
Kumakocho: The one on the phone was the director of the Music Awards right?
Producer: Yes. I discussed with them the preparations for tomorrow
Kumakocho: I see, I see~ Being so heated up about it is nice~ By the way...
Chapter 38-1 (2)
Kumakocho: Why won't you tell me what group will perform there?
Producer: ...So that you will be looking forward to it until the last moment
Kumakocho: ....But I plan to go to the music room, you know?
Producer: I don't have any problems with you looking at the music room. We are saving the surprise for the day of the performance after all
Kumakocho: So it's like that~? If you say so then I will believe you~
Producer: President, I feel obligated towards you. I was an I-Chu, and you gave me a place to belong to as Producer
Producer: Being a Producer has become my dream now. That's why, when it comes to tomorrow's Music Awards---
Producer: I will make it the best stage! Everyone will get to know who are the I-Chu's!
Chapter 38-1 (3)
Kumakocho: ....As always, your eyes are straightforward. It's because you have such eyes that I know that you're not lying
Kumakocho: Unlike your shining self, I'll set aside the excitement of looking at the performer. Well then, see you tomorrow~
Producer: ....Now, I should go back home too
Chapter 38-1 (4)
Seiya: Ah, Producer!
Producer: Aido-kun? Why are you here at this hour?
Seiya: Hehe! I felt as if I wouldn't be able to sleep without seeing your face before returning home~
Seiya: And there's also the fact that tomorrow is a really important day for me as an Idol!
Producer: Yes...Then, I'll accompany you to your house, Aido-kun
Chapter 38-1 (5)
Seiya: That's not good!
Producer: Why?
Seiya: A man should be the one accompanying the girl to her house! And you're also a really important person to me!
Seiya: That's why I will accompany you to your house!
Producer: ! Ahaha! You haven't changed at all ever since I first met you!
Seiya: Eh?! Did I say something wrong?
Producer: No, it's the opposite. I wish you would always stay like that. It really reassures me....
Seiya: *pout*....But I want to change the relationship I have with you!
Producer: Is that so? Then how would you like to change it, Aido-kun?
Seiya: Starting from that!
Producer: What do you mean?
Seiya: The way how you call me "Aido-kun"!! I want to change it!
Chapter 38-1 (6)
Seiya: Please start calling me "Seiya" from now on....
Producer: .............
Seiya: Is-is it not ok?
Producer: No, it's fine. Then, are you ok with me calling you "Seiya-kun"?
Seiya: ~~~!! Yes!
Chapter 38-1 (7)
Kanata: That's not fair, Seiya! We want to be called by name too
Akira: Yes. It wouldn't be fair if she calls only you by name
Seiya: Kanata and Akira?! Why are you here?
Akira: We knew you were planning to do something like this
Kanata: We wanted to meet with Producer-san too~
Producer: Minato-kun, Mitsurugi-kun....
Akira: It's not that, right? Producer....
Producer: Ahaha! Right, Kanata-kun, Akira-kun!
Chapter 38-1 (8)
Seiya: Haha! It somehow feels like we got even closer to each other!
Seiya: Producer! Let's make a stage that will surprise everyone tomorrow!
Seiya: And then we will aim for top idols! I'm already excited about it!

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