*knock, knock*
*door opens*
Kumakocho: Heya there, gentlemen! Are you perhaps nervous or anxious before the performance starts?
Chapter 38-2 (1)
Seiya: Ah, President! Were you worried about us?
Kumakocho: Oh, my, my, my~. It seems you aren't nervous at all, right?
Chapter 38-2 (2)
Kanata: T-That's not true! I-I-I...I feel as if I'll turn pale white from the nervousness...!
Akira: Kanata, please calm down. Seiya and I will be by your side, so you don't need to feel worried.
Kanata: ....Akira-kun. Yes! I'll take a deep breath or something to relax!
Chapter 38-2 (3)
Kumakocho: F∞F has a very well balanced relationship~. Right, Producer-chan?
Producer: You're right. They may have different ages, but their friendship can't lose to any group!
Kumakocho: Yes, yes. think that you would have chosen F∞F to perform~.
Producer: ........Is it surprising?
Chapter 38-2 (4)
Kumakocho: Well~. Contrary to what I said, it's a bit surprising. But, I can understand why you did it~.
Kumakocho: You said it, too, that they have an unknown ability, so maybe you wanted to challenge their talent~.
Producer: That's true. I always think about challenging their talent.....
*door opens*
TV Program Staff: F∞F! We're about to start, so we're counting on you!
Kumakocho: It seems that the time has arrived. I'll watch you from the staff seats.
Kumakocho: These Music Awards, so to speak, are a "rite of passage" to the idol industry for you.
Kumakocho: You came here to make the I-Chus known to a lot of people
Kumakocho: Keep that thought in mind and give it your best~!
*door closes*
Producer: Seiya-kun, Kanata-kun, Akira-kun...are you ready?
Chapter 38-2 (5)
Seiya: Yeah! Of course we are!
Akira: Then, Seiya, let's do the usual "that".
Kanata: If we do that, then I'll feel courage, too!
Chapter 38-2 (6)
Seiya: Alright! Then, let's gather in a circle! .....Wake up!
Seiya&Kanata&Akira: Fire Fenix![1]
Chapter 38-2 (7)
TV Program Director: We start in 5, 4....3.........
Music Awards Host: Good evening! We will broadcast the special Music Awards!
Music Awards Host: We will broadcast the most famous songs of the season, and then we will introduce new idols, together with some topics that we will discuss with them. And the main guest will be an underground idol group!
Music Awards Host: Everyone who's looking at us from their TVs! Please watch and have fun!
Producer: (Seiya-kun's group will perform first so...they're about to start!)
Music Awards Host: Then, first we will introduce the new idols!
Music Awards Host: They even went to the point to compose a new song for their first appearance on TV! Now, let's call them out!
Chapter 38-2 (8)
Kumakocho: Hm? A new song...but there wasn't supposed to be one.
Kumakocho: (Did Producer-chan perhaps.....?)
Chapter 38-2 (9)
Music Awards Host: They will surely take off this year! The, the mid-way idol eggs, "I-Chu".
Music Awards Host: Their new song is "We are I☆CHU!"
Chapter 38-2 (10)
Kumakocho: ! So, it's like that~...
Kumakocho: (I certainly said to choose one group....)
Kumakocho: (To think that she would choose "I-Chu", a unit composed of 29 people....)
Kumakocho: She got me....
Chapter 38-2 (11)
Seiya: You can wash away the pain with your tears,
Chapter 38-2 (12)
Kokoro&Tsubaki: You can entrust your happiness to the song,
Chapter 38-2 (13)
Kanata: Show me, the heartbeat inside you,
Chapter 38-2 (14)
Toya&Mutsuki: We will forever be by your side!
Chapter 38-2 (15)
Akira: Being able to trust someone,
Chapter 38-2 (16)
Raku&Lucas: Is called strength,
Chapter 38-2 (17)
Ban&Takamichi: Ring it with your hand, the bell of the start!
Chapter 38-2 (18)
Torahiko&Eva&Noah: That's right, we want you!! In a daze right now,
Kanata&Akira: In the middle of an exciting trip,
Chapter 38-2 (19)
Issei&Tsubaki: Let's go together!
Chapter 38-2 (20)
Kokoro&Satsuki: We will surely get you!! All the world,
Chapter 38-2 (21)
Akira&Seiya&Kanata: We will make your heart skip a beat,
Flap your wings I☆CHU!
I believe, together...
Seiya: We will hug the entire world!!
Chapter 38-2 (22)
Female Passerby: Look! They're showing the Music Awards!
Male Passerby: Heeh. This is a group I've never seen before...
Female Passerby: It's a really nice song. I wonder what the meaning of "I-Chu" is.
Male Passerby: Heh. I want to sing this as karaoke!
Chapter 38-2 (23)
Little Brother: That's right, we want you, all the world!
Sister: So cool! I didn't know there were such idols! Mom! I want this CD!
Mother: Eeh?! It can't be helped....then, if you help around, I might think about it.
Sister: YAY! Hey, she said she would buy it!
Little Brother: We will hug the entire world~...
Sister: He's into it more than I am....anyways, this is a really nice group. Everyone looks so cool!
Chapter 38-2 (24)
Tenjyou Tenge Fan: Eh? Did we perhaps meet on that TV program of Tenjyou Tenge with I♥B as the guests?
I♥B Fan: Ah! I remember!
Tenjyou Tenge Fan: Fufu! It makes me happy to see you again like this!
I♥B Fan: You're right!
F∞F Fan: Aaah! To think I would get this addicted even before buying the CD!'re wonderful!
I♥B Fan: Now that I'm taking a better look, there are a lot of neon lights...
Tenjyou Tenge Fan: You're right. But that must mean that a lot of different fans have gathered, right?
Chapter 38-2 (25)
Seiya: Everyone, keep getting heated up!
Seiya: We are "I-Chu"! Hehe!


  1. He actually says "Wake up, Fire Fenix that's inside us!" but dividing it wouldn't have sounded good so I decided to leave it like this

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