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Chapter 38-3 (1)
Music Awards Host: And those were the I-Chu's~! Wow, a song sung by 29 people sure is wonderful!
Music Awards Host: Then, let's hear a bit from them! First we will start from you and...from you!
Chapter 38-3 (2)
Akio: EEEK!! M-Me?
Chaoyang: I-I-I can't....! I can't do something like that....
Music Awards Host: You two have been hiding for a long time behind...ehm
Rabi: Nice to meet you, my name is Rabi
Music Awards Host: So Rabi-kun! They're hiding behind you so I got too interested!
Rabi: Come on you two, introduce yourselves
Akio: A-Akio Tobikura...
Chapter 38-3 (3)
Chaoyang: ....I'm...Li Chaoyang....
Music Awards Host: Thank you for the introduction! Why did you become idols?
Chaoyang: .....I didn't become an idol...sir
Music Awards Host: Eh?
Chaoyang: I just, wanted to change....I thought that if I was together with Noah-san and the others then I would surely change....
Akio: I-I... got forced by my sisters and got accepted in the audition...
Akio:'s not like I wanted to become an idol either....
Akio&Chaoyang: .............
Chapter 38-3 (4)
Shiki: Rabi-kun, follow follow!
Chapter 38-3 (5)
Rabi: It would certainly be troublesome if I don't follow..ehm--
Rabi: Those two, who didn't want to become idols before, were now able to sing on a stage like this!
Rabi: If you think of those days, this was a huge step forward for them!
Music Awards Host: I-I see! You're still idol eggs, so you will keep growing bigger from now on!
Music Awards Host: Maaan~ This group is full of unique people. It surprised me!
Chapter 38-3 (6)
Hikaru: Ha Hahaha! It's because we are all able to shine!
Hikaru: Ooops! Camera 2! I look the most beautiful in the world from this angle so please be sure to catch it entirely!
Chapter 38-3 (7)
Tatsumi: ...The hell are you saying! There's no idol who would say something that stupid in the middle of a TV Program
Aoi: .........Fufu
Chapter 38-3 (8)
Tatsumi: Hey, why are you touching Hikaru and looking at Camera 3!
Aoi: You're so annoying, Tatsumi. Do you know that this is a match between us?
Chapter 38-3 (9)
Leon: Camera 1! Look here~ *breathes in*...I'm Leon! 17 years old! I love pretty ladies!
Leon: I'm currently recruiting a lot of female fans! I'm counting on you to set your eyes on me, Leon-kun!
Chapter 38-3 (10)
Tatsumi: Guuuh! You guys are too carefree!!
Music Awards Host: Haha...they're all really unique. Eh? Now that reminds me, there are a lot of girls in this group too!
Chapter 38-3 (11)
Momosuke: EH! Is he talking about me? I-It's embarrassing to get praised, Ricky[1]
Music Awards Host: Me? [2]
Runa: Momo. If you talk like that in the middle of the show Kokoro will get angry at you, you know?
Chapter 38-3 (12)
Momosuke: Ah, I did it! Kokoro-chan will get angry at me~
Runa: We are POP'N STAR, a group of crossdressers. We will be waiting for everyone's support
Music Awards Host: A group of crossdressers? Then, are you too?
Chapter 38-3 (13)
Mio&Kyosuke: We are boys!
Mio: Although I wouldn't mind being called cute by Eva-sama♪
Kyosuke: I don't want to be misunderstood! Kyosuke Momoi is 19 years old! I want to be a full-fledged boy!
Music Awards Host: My my....The I-Chu's are dreadful! Is there anyone who I can talk normally to?! Ah, there are adults too!
Chapter 38-3 (14)
Futami: Eh? Me?
Music Awards Host: Yes, yes! You look like you are the oldest one here! From an adult's point of view, what do you think of your progress?
Chapter 38-3 (15)
Futami: But Eva-kun is the oldest one here....And Rabi-kun and Tsubaki-kun look older too. How mean to call me the oldest...
Futami: What I think of my progress from an adult's point of view...this is a difficult question
Chapter 38-3 (16)
Futami: If I had to speak only for myself then....I'm not a NEET anymore!
Music Awards Host: Huh?
Futami: Before becoming an idol I used to be a NEET, so I'm glad I finally managed to get a job~
Chapter 38-3 (17)
Futami: Ah, but if this job ends I'll go back to being a NEET, so everyone please support us with all you can!
Music Awards Host: T-this is no good...I lost my confidence as a host
Chapter 38-3 (18)
Seiya: Ch-Cheer up! I will answer correctly to your questions so don't worry!
Music Awards Host: I-I wonder~ Then, won't you tell us the theme of the song?
Seiya: Ok, this song, "We are I☆CHU!" is a song that talks about our growth!
Chapter 38-3 (19)
Seiya: There are a lot of sad and happy things. But we will tell them all to our fans!
Seiya: I want you to look at us. No, to find us! And then, we will hug you will all we've got!
Seiya: That's why we want you to accept all of us! We are still halfway there when it comes to being idols, but...
Seiya: I want to grant the love given to everyone! We are still halfway, but we will show everyone a world that we want you to see!
Chapter 38-3 (20)
Seiya: That's why you have to wait for us! We will show you an even more fun and exciting world!
Seiya: Look forward to us becoming top idols....and hold onto that excitement until the end!
Music Awards Host: ............
Seiya: It's a song filled with those feelings! So, did I answer right?
Music Awards Host: B......
Seiya: B?
Music Awards Host: Bravo!! I have been a host for many years, but this is the first time I've felt like cheering someone on so much!
Music Awards Host: I'm interested to look at what kind of idols you will become, not as a host, but as a fan!
Seiya: For real?! That makes me so happy! Let's hug to seal our friendship~!
Music Awards Host: Haha! I feel like the fans will kill me later for getting to hug you before them!
Chapter 38-3 (21)
Music Awards Host: I wish the best of happiness for you I-Chu's! Everyone here, let's give them a loud cheer!
Producer: President, this is their talent
Chapter 38-3 (22)
Kumakocho: .....In the end you weren't able to choose only one group
Producer: It's different. Every group has their own talents and abilities. I couldn't pick only one
Producer: I was troubled by it until the last moment. I thought of talking with every single one of them
Producer: I would have regretted not conveying everyone's individuality. That's why I made "I☆CHU"
Chapter 38-3 (23)
Kumakocho: The TV Program is about to end but, what are your thoughts on the situation?
Producer: Yes, I can say it without doubts. My decision was the right one
Kumakocho: I see...If you say so then I will approve it too. But, and everyone, will surely regret it
Kumakocho: The stronger the bonds are....the more difficult they are to repair after being broken...
Producer: President?
Seiya: Producer!!
Producer: Ah, Aido-kun
Chapter 38-3 (24)
Seiya: Wrooong! It's Seiya!
Producer: Ah, right....Seiya-kun
Seiya: Yes! Hey hey, did you hear our song?
Producer: Of course I did! I felt really touched by it
Producer: When you gathered together in a circle on that stage you were all so beautiful....I was really happy to have been together with you
Producer: I'm sure all the guests here thought the same thing!
Seiya: I see! But I want even more people to see us!
Seiya: I want to sing on a bigger stage and be able to hug everyone together!
Seiya: That's why, Producer. Bring us to an even better stage!
Chapter 38-3 (25)
Seiya: And turn us into top idols!
Producer: ! Of course! And I'll grow as a Producer together with you all too
Seiya: Hehe! I'm happy to hear it! Let's work hard together from now on too!
Producer: Yes! Come on President, look at everyo---
Producer: Eh? President?
Producer: (He disappeared out of nowhere....I'm worried about what he told me....)
Chapter 38-3 (26)
Kumakocho: ....Did I make you wait?
???: They say that time is money, right? Time should be used effectively...
Kumakocho: Well, today was a really busy day~ Kuma-san got so tired~
Kumakocho: Ah, right right. You were the underground idol that they mentioned at the Music Awards, right~?
Kumakocho: You're still going by the rule of not showing your face aren't you~
???: That was the promise after all...
Chapter 38-3 (27)
Kumakocho: Anyways, your name sure is selling a lot lately isn't it?....Did you perhaps start to love performing on stage too~
???: Performing or not, the thing I have to do hasn't changed...
Kumakocho: I see. Then maybe I'll have you come back~
???: ...What are you planning?
Kumakocho: I'm not planning anything. I just...want a bit of stimulus
Kumakocho: You have to wake up those I-Chu's that have been spoiled too much. I think you will be able to change them even more
???: This is boring.....I'll just do what I have to
Kumakocho: I know I know. And that's fine. Ah, I forgot....
Kumakocho: She's there too. But she's not an I-Chu anymore...
Kumakocho: She's a Producer now, you know?
???: !
Kumakocho: Are you ok? It hurts just to look at you punching the wall~
???: Shut up! Is this all?
Kumakocho: Yes. Then, I'll call you later. Be sure to answer and not ignore me
Chapter 38-3 (28)
???: I.....I'll never forgive her....!


  1. He uses the boku pronoun for himself here
  2. And here the host emphasizes the Boku, since a girl wouldn't use it

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