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Chapter 3-1 first
Seiya: Noah, did you come here alone?
Noah: No, actually——
Main story chapter 3-1 leon appears
???: I finally arrived~!!
???: You, don’t say things like ‘finally’. It’s because of you stopping in places on the way that we arrived late!
???: What did you say—! You didn’t even stop me, Lucas!
Lucas: Don’t make it out to be other people’s fault, stupid Leon!
Main story chapter 3-1 li chaoyang
???: Both of you… fighting is not good…
???: If I’d stopped Leon, we’d arrive faster… it’s my fault…
Main story chapter 3-1 rabi
???: It’s not your fault, Chaoyang.
Li Chaoyang: ! Rabi-san…
Rabi: Leon and Lucas too, don’t fight on our first day!
Leon: …But Lucas~
Lucas: That’s why I told you don’t put the blame on other people!
Main story chapter 3-1 angry noah
Noah: Leon… Lucas…
Leon & Lucas: ?!
Main story chapter 3-1 why is akira looking normal
Kanata: Hii…!
Akira: The temperature drops in one breath, huh.
Seiya: Ah~… Since long ago, he’s always been really scary when he’s angry.
Main story chapter 3-1 noah angry 2
Noah: Leon, Lucas. You guys will be careful not to do things that will embarrass me, right?
Leon: I-It’s my fault! Everything was my fault!
Lucas: Cheh…
Noah: Okay. If you understand, then that’s good.
Chaoyang: Noah-san… you’re scary…
Rabi: Even though I’ve warned you not to fight because it’ll turn out like this.
Noah: Even so, you’re all late. Did you loiter on the way?
Rabi: Sorry to make you wait. On the way, Leon got interested by something else and went somewhere.
Main story chapter 3-1 leon thinking of torahiko
Leon: But if there’s a guy painting in the park while laughing, it makes you interested, right?
Lucas: To get close to such a suspicious person, I’m questioning your sensitivity.
Leon: Haa? My sensitivity is perfect!
Lucas: I’m done. An idiot wont understand anything spoken to them.
Leon: Guh… i-in the first place, what’s Noah doing leaving us and going first as he liked!
Noah: That’s because everyone’s slow, getting interested by a lot of things on the street…
Leon: Even so, leaving your soulmate to go first is horrible, hooorrible!
Noah: That way of speaking is not cute at all, you know?
Lucas: Not at all.
Leon: Uu… I don’t have any allies, do I.
Chaoyang: C-cheer up, Leon. I didn’t stop you, so I am also responsible for this…
Rabi: Chaoyang. It’s okay not to spoil him.
Leon: How terrible! Hey, you over there! Don’t you think they’re terrible?
Main story chapter 3-1 leon called them oniichans
Seiya: Uo! You’re asking me here, right now!?
Satsuki: What’s with these guys… suddenly the number of people increased, I can’t process anything.
Mutsuki: Zzz…zzz…
Akira: Mutsuki’s sleeping unconcernedly, though.
Kanata: Mukkun is my-paced, huh.
Main story chapter 3-1 leon thinking who r u guys
Leon: Oi, oi, don’t ignore me, big brothers~
Leon: Huh? By the way… who are you guys?
Seiya & Satsuki: YOU’RE SLOW!


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