Chapter 3-2 (1)
Noah: Good grief, Leon is such a troublesome guy…
Noah: Seiya, those are the guys that joined me when I formed a band before coming to Japan.
Chapter 3-2 (2)
Leon: I'm Leon, the left-handed guitarist! I'm an English gentleman from Great Britain.
Noah: Leon, do you know the Japanese saying "bunfusouou"?[1]
Leon: I don't know!
Noah: So he's basically that kind of guy. Let's get along.
Chapter 3-2 (3)
Akira: Ahaha…Your childhood friend has quite the harsh way of talking, Seiya.
Seiya: Right?
Lucas: Leave the idiot alone. I'm Lucas, the bassist from France.
Chapter 3-2 (4)
Satsuki: Heh. I had a more "flirty" image for French people. But you look like a strict person.
Lucas: I'm NOT flirty!!
Satsuki: Woah!?
Mutsuki: Ha! Wha-what what? What is happening~?
Kanata: Ah, Mukkun woke up.
Seiya: Wait, he was sleeping again?
Chapter 3-2 (5)
Rabi: I'm sorry. Even though Lucas is from France, when people call him flirty or irresponsible he overreacts.
Akira: Maybe there are complex types too?
Rabi: Ha ha! Maybe that's so.
Akira: …By the way, who are you?
Rabi: Ah my bad, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Rabi. I'm the drummer and I'm from Russia.
Rabi: And the one hiding behind me is…
Chapter 3-2 (6)
Chaoyang: I'm Li Chaoyang, from China…I'm in charge of the keyboard…
Akira: Everyone's from a different country…
Chapter 3-2 (7)
Noah: That's right. We formed the band after exchanging messages on social networks.
Chapter 3-2 (8)
Satsuki: Fuh~ Then since you're all here, it's okay to presume you're third generation like us, right?
Noah: Yeah, we're third generation too.
Seiya: I see! To meet you here again in this place, this must be fate!
Seiya: Once again, let's work hard together, Noah!
Noah: Right. Let's work hard together, Seiya.


  1. beyond one's means or position

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