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Chapter 4-2 (1)
Noah: I can't overlook this
Kumakocho: Oh my, Noah-kun, did you get angry?
Noah: That's right. Won't you give us a concrete reason as to why it's too early for us to call ourselves idols?
Kumakocho: Reasons and everything else, you came to study here for the sake of becoming idols, right?
Kumakocho: You're still eggs, on the way of becoming idols. That means that you're "halfway beings"~
Chapter 4-2 (2)
Rabi: Principal… no, President, I can't stomach your way of talking.
Chaoyang: …yes
Chapter 4-2 (3)
Lucas: This is stupid… Stop it with this roundabout way of talking and just tell us clearly what you meant.
Leon: Good said Lucas!
Lucas: Don't make fun of me, stupid Leon
Kumakocho: Hn~ Everyone is getting angry~
Kumakocho: Truth is, y'know~ I'm still trying to choose a way of calling people like you~
Chapter 4-2 (4)
Mutsuki: Way of calling?
Kumakocho: That's right! I'm not going to call you idols! I will call you all "I-Chu"~♪
Satsuki: "I-Chu"? What's that? For a moment I found it really cute!
Mutsuki: What do you mean by "I-Chu"?
Kumakocho: Idols on the way~ Isn't it perfect for you guys?~
Chapter 4-2 (5)
Seiya: What the-! It means I'm still half-way!
Kumakocho: Oui!
Seiya: What did you say?!
Akira: There, there. The fact is, we entered this Etoile Vio School to learn how to become idols, right?
Akira: Then, even if he says that it can't be helped.
Chapter 4-2 (6)
Kanata: Yes…that's right. From now on we should just give it our best!
Seiya: Akira, Kanata…You guys are great!
Chapter 4-2 (7)
Satsuki: It drives me crazy to be made fun of by this uncute bear~ Let's look back at him triumphants one day Mutsuki!
Mutsuki: Yes. It's not our nature to let others look down on us, right?
Chapter 4-2 (8)
Noah: I came here to become an idol. That intent hasn't changed.
Leon: Yeah! I crossed over my country's border to get here! I will definitely become an idol!
Chaoyang: Yes! I don't want to let it end here!
Rabi: It's just like that. I was finally able to meet my friends. I want to become an idol together with them.
Chaoyang: Rabi-san… If you keep patting my head my hair will become messy…
Rabi: Haha! I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Chapter 4-2 (9)
Lucas: That's how it is. I don't care about how long you will call us "I-Chu"
Lucas: I will definitely show you I can become an idol.
Chapter 4-2 (10)
Kumakocho: This third generation is full of great kids~ I'm really happy about it~
Akira: So, what should we do to be recognized as idols?
Kumakocho: That's right. But before telling that I want you to search some other kids.
Kumakocho: There should have been 6 other people here but, what do I do if they got lost~?
Seiya: Heh. So there were other people like us.
Kanata: But even if we went to search, where should we start from?
Kumakocho: Fuh. The guys that didn't come are pretty unique so assembling them will be difficult~
Chapter 4-2 (11)
Noah: What do you mean by "unique"?
Kumakocho: Well, y'know. There's one who puts on a performance while painting~ One that falls on the roadside~
Kumakocho: One that skips out somewhere~ One that shouts that he's beautiful~ One that hits on girls like a playboy and one that has a suspicious behaviour~ I think you can describe them like that.
Seiya: Wow, they're really strange guys!
Noah: Fufuh…They're certainly unique.

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