Chapter 4-3 (1)
Leon: AH!?
Lucas: Leon, shut up!
Leon: It's not the time to say that! I might have seen him!
Lucas: Where?
Leon: When I stopped earlier at the park to see that guy who was painting. He had a great drawing!
Rabi: Ah, at that time…
Chaoyang: Now that you mention it, his drawing was really amazing…
Chapter 4-3 (2)
Noah: Right. Then, we will go back at once to search again in the park.
Chapter 4-3 (3)
Mutsuki: Hey, Satsuki.
Satsuki: What is it, Mutsuki?
Mutsuki: I wonder if that person that was on the rooftop when I was taking a nap earlier is the same person that the president mentioned?
Satsuki: Heh. You mean that boy who was wearing a short jacket and trousers? He didn't have an idol-like aura at all.
Mutsuki: Ye~s. But he looked like he was skipping out somewhere.
Satsuki: If you say so then it can't be helped. Okay then, let's go see at the rooftop!
Akira: ...
Chapter 4-3 (4)
Kanata: Akira-kun, what's wrong?
Akira: Ah…truth is, I was thinking about what the president said. "A person that falls on the roadside..."
Seiya: Don't tell me, there was a guy that fell?!
Akira: No, but there was a boy who was walking dizzily so I thought "What if…"
Kanata: That worries me!
Seiya: Then, let's go search outside!
Chapter 4-3 (5)
Kumakocho: Thank you very much everyone~ I will be waiting here~
Kumakocho: Fuh~ It was an unexpected surprise to find that there were still kids that didn't come.
Producer: President…the people that just left were perhaps the new I-Chu's?
Chapter 4-3 (6)
Kumakocho: Ah! You two. I'm sorry. Even though I arranged some time, I wasn't able to introduce you…
Kumakocho: Those were the I-Chu's that you will raise~ What do you think of my kids?
Producer: I don't know. I have to properly meet them, otherwise…
???: I agree. I want to meet them quickly, too~.
Kumakocho: Fufufu~ Kokoro-chan is cute as always~
Kokoro: Thank you ve~ry much!

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