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Chapter 5-1 (1)
Noah: Leon, is the person the president mentioned really at the park?
Leon: Yes! He was really strange!
Lucas: Even though you're pretty strange too.
Leon: What did you say?!
Rabi: Hey, don't fight!
Rabi: However, there's the possibility that he finished drawing and went home.
Chapter 5-1 (2)
Chaoyang: Then we have to hurry up…right?
Noah: Right. I hope he's still there…
Leon: He was supposed to be here…
Leon: Ah! There he is! It's him!
???: Ha ha ha ha!
Chapter 5-1 (3)
???: I somehow got into the swing! Today the inspiration keeps coming!
???: As expected from the great me! Nishishi~
Lucas: That man is drawing while smiling
Chaoyang: ...
Lucas: Chaoyang, you're getting frightened…Are you okay?
Chapter 5-1 (4)
Chaoyang: I…can't do it.
Leon: See! He's strange just like I said!
Noah: That's not a thing you should be proud of, Leon.
Noah: And Chaoyang too, nothing will change if you keep being afraid and nervous.
Chaoyang: !? …I know
Chapter 5-1 (5)
Rabi: Nothing will change but you're still too strict with him.
Noah: Rabi you spoil Chaoyang too much. Even though you were originally of strict nature.
Rabi: Good grief…I wish you would do something about that black heart of yours.
Noah: Leaving the jokes aside, who's going to talk to him?
Lucas: Isn't that obvious?
Chapter 5-1 (6)
Leon: Hm? Wha-ME?!
Lucas: Of course. You talked with him before too, right?
Leon: But before the tension wasn't so high!
Lucas: Shut up. Stop complaining and go there!
Leon: Wah, no need to push! Dammit…
Chapter 5-1 (7)
Leon: H-hey! The big brother over there!
???: Oh! You're that foreigner that talked to me earlier!
Leon: R-right. By the way, do you go to Eto-
???: Hey, look at this!
???: I made this picture imagining the inside of the pot like the box of Pandora; full of calamities that come out and ruin the world.
???: Kinda cool right?!
Leon: What's up with those sinister colors?!
???: They are the calamities!
Leon: Heh. This picture looks like it's done by Picasso…
Leon: Wai-That's not it! Are you a student at Eto-
Chapter 5-1 (8)
???: Hey Tora-chan. Won't you give me back my vase now? It got late y'know?
Torahiko: Ah, sorry sorry! I finished drawing so you can take it and go now.
Shiki: Ah, thank god.
Shiki: Well then, little kitten…I have an important job to do so we have to part ways now.
Girl he hit on: Shiki-kun…will we meet again?
Shiki: Yes, if fate permits it we will meet again. Ah, this is my number so if you ever feel lonely just give me a call.
Shiki: Tora-chan let's go. Since we're late they're probably angry at us.
Chapter 5-1 (9)
Torahiko: Eeh? They won't forgive us?
Shiki: Ahaha, normally they wouldn't forgive you if you came late, right?
Torahiko: So it's like that? Such a world is too narrow for a free person like the great me…
Torahiko: Foreigner! The great me has to go now so this is where we part ways! Bye bye~
Leon: Ah, bye then~
Chapter 5-1 (10)
Lucas: Are you an idiot or what?! Why are you seeing him off?!
Leon: Ah?! I did it! Without thinking I said goodbye!
Noah: *sigh* The place where we're going is the same anyways so let's just follow them.

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