Chapter 5-2 (1)
???: Zzz...zzz...
Mutsuki: Ah, Satsuki, he was here~.
Chapter 5-2 (2)
Satsuki: Ah, he is still here. Then let's wake-
Mutsuki: Wait, Satsuki. It seems that there's another weirdo.
???: Ah~ What nice weather! The me who came here on this day to this Etoile Vio School is…
Chapter 5-2 (3)
???: Really beautiful!!
Chapter 5-2 (4)
Satsuki&Mutsuki: ....
Satsuki: Mutsuki…he's an idiot.
Mutsuki: I agree. Since it's better not to approach him, shall we go back?
???: Fuwah~ You two over there, wait a bit.
Satsuki&Mutsuki: !?
Chapter 5-2 (5)
Hikaru: Raku~ Did you finally wake up? You sleepyhead ☆
Raku: Shut up, Hikaru. Instead of shouting in a place like this, shouldn't ya go somewhere else?
Raku: That said, won't ya two bring this idiot along somewhere?
Satsuki&Mutsuki: No.
Hikaru: As expected from twins! Their breathing is beautifully in unison!
Hikaru: However, I'm not moving from here!
Hikaru: The reason being that, leaving behind Raku, my close childhood friend, wouldn't be beautiful!
Raku: ...You're really a disappointing man.
Satsuki: I... don't really want to get involved with those two.
Mutsuki: Me too. It's okay if I'm only with Satsuki, so let's go.

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