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Chapter 5-3 (1)
Seiya: Akira! Where's that dizzy guy?
Akira: He was going towards that way, maybe he's further ahead?
Kanata: Ah?! Someone fell there!
Chapter 5-3 (2)
???: Uu~
Akira: Yes. He's the dizzy kid I saw after all.
Kanata: A-are you okay?
Chapter 5-3 (3)
???: I…I'm sorry. Did I collapse?
Seiya: You…are becoming an idol even though your body is weak? I like your willpower!
???: Eh? I don't have a weak body you know?
Seiya: But, didn't you just collapse?!
???: That's right. But I'm just paying the consequences of my actions. To send the manuscript before the deadline I immersed myself for 3 days and 3 nights.
Akira: That is, of course you would collapse…
???: Yes~ I'm so~rry for troubling you
Seiya: I see. Then we will carry you to Etoile Vio School!
Seiya: And now…the one who was glancing at us since earlier! Who are you?!
Chapter 5-3 (4)
???: Eek! Y-you don't need to mind me…
Seiya: No no, I'm gonna mind you a lot!
???: I-I was just worried about Kyosuke…
Kyosuke: Akki was just worried about me since I suddently collapsed~
Seiya: So it's like that? I'm Seiya Aido! Tell me your name!
Akio: To, tobi, tobikura…..A, aki…o
Seiya: Totobitobikura Aakio?
Chapter 5-3 (5)
Akio: U, uu…uwah~!
Seiya: Huh?! Why are you running?! I didn't even give you a welcome hug~!
Kanata: He went away…
Akira: Good grief…Then I will have to carry this child
Kyosuke: I'm sorry for troubling you~

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