Chapter 6-1 (1)
Kumakocho: Everyone is finally here~ Thank you for your efforts~!
Kumakocho: Then, the ones who came late! Introduce yourselves~
Chapter 6-1 (2)
Torahiko: The great me is Torahiko Kusakabe! A free person engrossed in drawing pictures! Nishishi~
Kyosuke: I'm Kyosuke Momoi. I'm actually a mangaka, so I'm always pressed because of the deadline~.
Akio: A-Akio Tobikura…a glass worker…Even I don't know why I'm here…fuhi...
Chapter 6-1 (3)
Shiki: I'm Shiki Amabe. A potter who loves girls. I hope to work well with everyone.
Hikaru: My name is Hikaru Orihara! Even though I'm a famous ice sculptor, my dream is to enter Takarazuka!
Raku: I'm Raku Wakaouji. I'm also a calligrapher. I don't like to move around a lot.
Chapter 6-1 (4)
Kumakocho: Fufufuh! Unique members, right~
Seiya: "Unique" you say, they're more than that…
Seiya: Why are they aiming to become idols?
Everyone: He's right?!
Chapter 6-1 (5)
Torahiko: Even if you ask me~, I got invited by that bear.
Akio: Why are you looking at me… There's absolutely no way I would become an idol…
Kyosuke: I would be happy if I could use this experience as a reference for my manga!
Akira: Haha…you certainly have a point.
Shiki: You said you're Mitsurugi-kun, right? If we make a duo, the female fans are bound to increase. What do you think?
Akira: …I will have to refuse.
Chapter 6-1 (6)
Leon: I want female fans, too!
Noah:'re our guitarist, right?
Leon: I-It was a joke, so don't get angry!
Hikaru: I went to ask to enter Takarazuka but…
Raku: There's no way you would enter. Perhaps, you've been tricked by that bear.
Chapter 6-1 (7)
Hikaru: Wh-what did you say?!
Kumakocho: It's not like that~ If you couldn't enter with a frontal attack, then maybe you should create connections in the business world.
Satsuki: President's dark jokes are too scary!
Chapter 6-1 (8)
Mutsuki: I wish you would stop with that bear costume. It's not even fancy.
Kanata: But Rabirabi is cute, right?
Lucas: Hey. Enough with the tedious talk. Everyone is gathered here so get to the real issue now.
Rabi: That's right. You've been dodging the issue of what we should do to be acknowledged as idols.
Chapter 6-1 (9)
Kumakocho: It's not like I'm dodging it!
Kyosuke: The tsundere arrived!
Akio: But he isn't cute at all…

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