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Chapter 6-2 (1)
Lucas: ...
Kumakocho: Uh-oh. Lucas-kun is being scary so I will stop joking~
Kumakocho: When I approve of it, you will be acknowledged as idols.
Chaoyang: That is…how long will it take?
Kumakocho: That depends on your efforts. It can happen soon, but it can also happen at a later time.
Kumakocho: But, rest assured. I won't just say "do your best"~ I prepared an official producer for you.
Seiya: Producer?
Kumakocho: That's right. The producer will watch over your growth, sometimes teaching you how to be prepared. A super being~
Chapter 6-2 (2)
Akira: Our...
Kanata: Producer...
Chapter 6-2 (3)
Scary Person
Gentle Person
Strange Person

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