Chapter 6-3 (1)
Kumakocho: You see, to start, I want you guys to form groups~
Seiya: Groups?
Kumakocho: That's right~ After all, your power alone isn't enough, so you have to assemble people to grow into adults~
Kumakocho: From what I'm seeing, some of the groups are…Noah-kun, Leon-kun, Chaoyang-kun, Rabi-kun, Lucas-kun...
Chapter 6-3 (2)
Kumakocho: And then Torahiko-kun, Kyosuke-kun, Akio-kun, Shiki-kun, Hikaru-kun, Raku-kun...
Kumakocho: And then Satsuki-kun and Mutsuki-kun.
Kumakocho: And in the end…
Kumakocho: ...
Kumakocho: Well, aren't you three okay together?
Seiya: Why are we the only ones not taken seriously?!
Akira: Fufuh…This is upsetting.
Kanata: Uuh...
Chapter 6-3 (3)
Kumakocho: How to put it…to Mr. Bear, you are unknown presences, that's why~
Kumakocho: For now, I will have you perform a street live in a week, so best regards~!
Seiya: Are you serious?!
Kumakocho: Serious, serious, super serious~!
Rabi: It turned into an unexpected thing...
Chapter 6-3 (4)
Chaoyang: Suddenly a street live…My head started spinning…
Kyosuke: Wah wah! Hang in there!
Kumakocho: Fuh~ I got tired from explaining, so I'm leaving the rest to you, Producer-chan~
Producer: Understood, president.
Kumakocho: Ok~ Well then, Mr. Bear is looking forward to the third generation I-Chu's hard work!
Kumakocho: Bye bye~!
Chapter 6-3 (5)
Mutsuki: He really went away…
Producer: Then, let me present myself again. I'm [name], your Producer.
Producer: Whatever happens, you can always count on me.
Seiya: Ah! [name]! I want to become Japan's first samurai idol!
Producer: Samurai idol? Heh. You sure say some interesting things...Aido-kun, right?
Chapter 6-3 (6)
Seiya: Right! I'm Seiya Aido! I'm counting on you from now on!
Seiya: That said, let's do a "getting closer" hug!
Producer: O-oops. That won't do!
Seiya: Uwah! Why did you avoid it?!
Producer: This is Japan, you know? You have to do a greeting that follows Japan's culture or you're not worthy of the "samurai idol" name that you just mentioned.
Seiya: Guh…! Quite a strict producer…

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