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Chapter 7-1 (1)
Rabi: By the way, what should we do from now on?
Rabi: Preparing for a street live in a week is impossible isn't it?
Chaoyang: I may be nervous…
Satsuki: Already?!
Kanata: Uu…my feet are shaking from the nervousness too~
Mutsuki: …Rabirabi is saying to give it your best~
Kanata: …Then, I will try my best
Satsuki: He already recovered!
Chapter 7-1 (2)
Lucas: You've been saying only that since earlier…
Leon: There, there. Please calm down Lucas-kun. We will solve the problem about the street live somehow!
Lucas: Why the sudden change? It somehow feels bad.
Leon: For me now there's an even more important mission than the street live!
Leon: I want to quickly know Kokoro-chan's email adress~
Chapter 7-1 (3)
Leon: Hey hey Kokoro-chan~ Let's exchange email addresses~
Kokoro: Huh? Why does Kokoro have to exchange contact addresses with you?
Leon: Eh?
Chapter 7-1 (4)
Seiya: What? Her attitude was different earlier wasn't it?
Akira: Well, in the world of show business it's a thing that happens a lot…maybe a person that changes face?
Kokoro: Hey, you two there! The stupid looking blonde and the burned bread!
Seiya: Stupid looking blonde? Are you talking about Noah?
Noah: Seiya, if you really meant that I'm going to hit you.
Chapter 7-1 (5)
Akira: Burned bread…
Raku: Pfff! Isn't "burned bread" perfectly fitting for you
Akira: This isn't a laughing matter…It hurt a lot.
Seiya: Hey you! You said your name was Kokoro Hanabusa right?
Chapter 7-1 (6)
Seiya: Don't just give others nicknames on their appearance as it pleases you!
Kokoro: Fuh! From your way of talking it looks like you're trying to pick a fight!
Kokoro: Listen! Kokoro is a senpai to you all. For a kouhai to call their senpai with "him" or "her" is unforgivable!
Kokoro: From now on you have to call Kokoro "Kokoro-san"!

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