Chapter 7-2 (1)
Noah: This was a surprise…To think such a person would be here.
Torahiko: I don't understand much, but she looks like a bothersome senpai!
Kyosuke: Hawawah! Tora-chan, don't say it so loud~
Chapter 7-2 (2)
Kokoro: Hm? Wait, you three there…
Chapter 7-2 (3)
Kanata: Eh?
Chaoyang: ?
Kyosuke: A-are you referring to us?
Kokoro: Yeah. You three have quite the cute features.
Kanata: E-ehm…thank you?
Kokoro: Kokoro loves cute things~♪ But-
Kokoro: It looks like you would overlap with Kokoro's character…If you come out before Kokoro, I'm crushing you.
Kanata, Chaoyang & Kyosuke: Eeek!
Kokoro: Remember it! It's an order from your senpai!
Producer: Hanabusa-san? You're exaggerating a bit.
Kokoro: Ya~wn. Producer, you were looking~! Kokoro is so careless ☆
Chapter 7-2 (4)
Hikaru: On appearance, she's a really beautiful woman, though. Such a disappointment…
Akio: Still, nobody would want to be told that by you…
Hikaru: That too! Being told something like that by me, the most beautiful, stirs withering on everyone!
Akio: You're really a disappointing idiot…
Shiki: There, there. Akio too, leave it. To start with, she is-
Chapter 7-2 (5)
Seiya: Hey, Kokoro!
Kokoro: Didn't I just tell you to call me senpai?!
Seiya: Then act more like one! First of all, if you're a senpai then act more nice towards your kouhai!
Kokoro: Don't go thinking a senpai is nice to everyone. By the way, why does Kokoro have to take care of those guys~?
Kokoro: The president said to do the live in groups. That just makes me think you can't do anything alone.
Seiya: !?
Kokoro: It's because I'm able to do everything alone that I will become a true I-Chu- no, a true idol!
Kokoro: But still, of all things, to look after you guys…this is really annoying!
Chapter 7-2 Choices
Look at Noah's state
Look at Torahiko's state
Look at Satsuki's state

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