Chapter 7-3 (1)
Kokoro: You…what are you suddenly saying?
Seiya: Again, I'm saying that I don't want you to think that being alone is okay!
Seiya: Kokoro, I'm sure you don't have any friends!
Kokoro: Wha-! Even I have one or two friends!
Chapter 7-3 (2)
Raku: Hoh…Only one or two?
Akira: It looks like he hit the nail on the head.
Chapter 7-3 (3)
Seiya: Even if you continue thinking you can do everything alone, there will be things that you won't be able to do without your teammates!
Seiya: If it's like that, we will prove it at the street live! That's why, Kokoro!
Seiya: Come to look at our live! At the moment we understand each other, let's hug!
Kokoro: Huh? What are you saying?!
Kokoro: Me and you understanding each other? Don't say stupid things.
Kokoro: You're a century too early to come to an understanding with me!
Kokoro: If by any chance we will come to an understanding, I will let you hug or do whatever you want!
Seiya: Yes! It's a promise!
Producer: You're an interesting kid, aren't you?
Producer: Then, I will hand you over the musical composition for the live. I will have you sing the song and those lyrics, so please, each one of you do a practice.
Chapter 7-3 (4)
Hikaru: I will have to request a beautiful song fitting to me!
Raku: You're optimistic, aren't you?
Chapter 7-3 (5)
Lucas: A song composed by someone else…I want to hear it as soon as possible.
Rabi: I agree. You can call this "our first step as I-Chu's," right?
Chapter 7-3 (6)
Satsuki: Mutsuki! Let's show them our true ability!
Mutsuki: Yeah!
Chapter 7-3 (7)
Seiya: Kuuh~! I'm really enjoying myself!
Seiya: Akira! Kanata! I'm really happy I got to form a group with you guys!
Seiya: From now on, let's resound our song to everyone!
Akira: Yeah, of course!
Kanata: I…will try my best too!
Chapter 7-3 (8)
Kokoro: Humph…It's okay to get excited as you want.
Chapter 7-3 (9)
Kokoro: Such a thing as "teammates", this is stupid.

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