Chapter 8-1 (1)
Seiya: Uwah!
Chapter 8-1 (2)
Akira: Seiya, are you okay?
Seiya: Yeah, I'm alright. No matter what, I can't dance the hook part right...
Akira: You're right. I can't get that part right, either. What's surprising is that-
Chapter 8-1 (3)
Kanata: Spin spin and dance dance♪
Seiya: That Kanata! He's great at dancing!
Chapter 8-1 (4)
Kanata: Ehehe! I love dancing.
Akira: Yes. Just by saying it, you look like you're having a lot of fun while dancing.
Kanata: Ya~y! Rabirabi, I got praised by Seiya and Akira-kun!
Seiya: Then, Kanata! Show us the trick for the dance in the hook part!
Kanata: Okay. First, you make a step forward with your left foot and bam! Then, you spin around and turn. After that you place your right foot--
Seiya: do bam with your left foot and then spin and...wah!
Akira: Haha...You can't seem to get it right.
Producer: So? Is the practice going well?
Kanata: Ah! P-producer-san!
Chapter 8-1 (5)
Akira: Hey hey. You're acting the same way as you did when we first met.
Producer: Ahaha! He will gradually grow accustomed to me so it's okay. More importantly, why is Aido-kun sitting on the floor?
Chapter 8-1 (6)
Seiya: I'm not sitting because I like it! I couldn't get the dance right so...
Seiya: Kanata even taught me but still, so pathetic.
Kanata: It's not that! It's because my way of teaching is bad...
Producer: I understand. Then, I think I will have to give you advice.
Seiya: Advice?

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