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Chapter 8-3 (1)
Seiya: So this is the place of our first debut!
Kanata: There are so many people that I'm getting nervous...
Akira: It's okay. You're not alone. We're accompanying you.
Chapter 8-3 (2)
Kokoro: Oh? You know that you will encounter even more difficult things that you can't manage alone?
Seiya: !? Kokoro, so you came here!
Kokoro: Of course I did! I'm doing a street live like you too after all!
Kokoro: After I finish singing I will see your UN・SIGH・TLY appearance♪
Seiya: You're talking like that again...And I told you to be nicer to your kouhai's!
Kokoro: Hmph!
Chapter 8-3 (3)
Noah: Everyone! It looks like the preparations are done.
Seiya: Alright! Let's go!
Chapter 8-3 Choices
Look at I♥B
Look at ArS
Look at Twinkle Bell

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