Chapter 9-1 (1)
Kokoro: You all, pay cl~ose attention to my performance!
Kokoro: You all are still too weak. Senpai here will teach you the ropes!
Kyosuke: It's my first time seeing Kokoro-san's live. My heart is beating with excitement!
Chapter 9-1 (2)
Mutsuki: Producer. What kind of I-Chu is Kokoro-san?
Producer: Once you witness it yourself, you'll understand. Look, it's starting.
Chapter 9-1 (3)
Kokoro: Everyone~ Thank you for waiting~!
Female fan: Kya! No way! That's Kokoro-chan!!
Male fan: Seriously?! The real deal is so cute!!
Kokoro: Today, I will be having a sudden street live! Come now, those who want to listen to Kokoro's singing, gather please~!
Male fan: Of course we would want to hear!!
Female fan: For Kokoro-chan's sake, we will gather!!
Kokoro: A~w! Gathering for Koko-chan's sake, thank you!!
Kokoro: Then, let's do the usual! Ready---
Kokoro: Kneel before Kokoro~!
Chapter 9-1 (4)
All fans: As you command!!
Kokoro: Then, let's go! Music start!!
Chapter 9-1 (5)
Chaoyang: Amazing...! Gathering so many people in an instant.
Rabi: You're right. That's the power of the senior I-chu's, huh...
Noah: Yes. Catching the heart of fans in an instant.
Chapter 9-1 (6)
Kokoro: Hi! Hi! Everyone sing together too!
Male fan: Hi! Hi! Kokoro-chan is the best!!
Female fan: This is fun!!
Chapter 9-1 (7)
Seiya: ...............
Producer: (He's watching seriously without a word. Did he get a little pressured by the senior?)
Seiya: Heheh...As I thought, idols are amazing.
Producer: Eh?
Seiya: I mean, look at the people.
Seiya: As soon as Kokoro started singing, everyone's body started syncing with the beat!
Seiya: They all also have amazing smiles on, right?
Kanata: You're right...
Akira: So this is an I-chu...
Akira: If we can't make everyone smile too, we can't be called complete idols.
Kanata: But, we also need to have fun!
Chapter 9-1 (8)
Seiya: Yeah!!
Seiya: (From now on, that stage, we are...No. One day, we will stand on an even grander stage...)
Seiya: (!? My hands are trembling...Is this known as "excitement"?)

Translation Credit

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