Chapter 9-2 (1)
Kokoro: Come on everyone, let's sing together~
Kokoro: Eh?
Female Fan: It can't be! The music stopped?
Male Fan: Is this production too...Perhaps?
Chapter 9-2 (2)
Kokoro: (This is bad! Everyone's starting to make a commotion. I have to do something...)
Kokoro: Everyone-
Female Fan: This is an accident after all, isn't it?
Male Fan: As it is now, they will most likely have to suspend the live.
Chapter 9-2 (3)
Kokoro: (My voice isn't reaching them...)
Kokoro: (What do I do...Someone!)
Producer: Don't tell me--machine trouble at this time?!
Chapter 9-2 (4)
Kanata: What do we do, producer! The song stopped!
Akira: Kanata...Let's calm down. What we should do now...
Akira: Producer. Where is the president right now?
Producer: Since it's a large-scale street live, the president took over commanding the security guards to guarantee a perfect defense.
Producer: That's why, he's not in the condition to leave that job...
Producer: But, exactly because the president isn't here, we have to do our best...Also, Hanabusa-san is getting anxious.
Chapter 9-2 (5)
Seiya: Yes. We can't leave it as it is now.
Seiya: (...Kokoro is obviously shaking. I have to do something...)
Seiya: ! I know!
Seiya: Akira, Kanata! Please gather the other guys besides us and bring them here!
Kanata: Eh? Why?
Seiya: There's no time to explain it! Anyway, hurry up!
Akira: ...I understand. I will trust you. Let's go, Kanata.
Kanata: O-okay!
Producer: Aido-kun? What in the world are you planning to do?
Seiya: I am...
Chapter 9-2 Choices
Believe in me
I won't leave Kokoro alone
I need your cooperation

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