Chapter 9-3 (1)
Kokoro: (What do I do? My head is pure white and nothing comes to mind...)
Kokoro: Someone help me...
Kokoro: !?
Chapter 9-3 (2)
Satsuki: Yay! Everyone~ Are you feeling down, perhaps?
Mutsuki: It's the appearance of Satsuki and Mutsuki, the invincible and adorable twins~
Female Fan: Twin boys? So cute~
Male Fan: It's the first time I've see them...
Kokoro: You two...Why in the world?
Mutsuki: It seems that Kokoro-san's music data broke, so until a replacement arrives, we have to hold this place.
Satsuki: Such an accident is inevitable for an idol! We will try with all our power to deliver our song to everyone!
Satsuki: Then, Mutsuki. Let's deliver them our invincible twins' song!
Mutsuki: Yes! Let's resound our ringing bell!
Kokoro: (Why...are you guys smiling like that?)
Kokoro: (Me, a senior I-Chu getting nervous...Why are you guys shining like that?)
Satsuki: Then, the next one is over the~re!
Chapter 9-3 (3)
Male Fan: Oh! Those are unprocessed musical instruments?
Noah: Ladies and gentlemen! We made you wait, didn't we?
Leon: We, the 5 international boys, are going to sing now!
Female Fan: It's an incredibly refreshing song...More than that---
Female Fan: Everyone is so cool!
Chapter 9-3 (4)
Chaoyang: I'm...not getting nervous!
Rabi: If the 5 of us are together, nothing is scary.
Lucas: We're doing our best...Music is our ally!
Chapter 9-3 (5)
Kokoro: Even them...Why are they covering up for me? Even though I said those cruel things...
Torahiko: Because they're friends, right?
Kokoro: !? Torahiko Kusakabe!
Chapter 9-3 (6)
Torahiko: What a cold way of speaking. You can call me Tora-chan y'know?
Kokoro: ....And why are you here, too?
Torahiko: Isn't it obvious? We're preparing to go next.
Kokoro: ....What is this. Did everyone come to see my pitiful state?
Torahiko: Oh oh, that's pretty uncooperative thinking!
Torahiko: I'm gonna tell you, I'm only doing this because Seiya begged me, y'know?
Kokoro: Seiya did?
Chapter 9-3 (7)
Torahiko: Yes. Because not doing anything even though your friend is in trouble is heartless.
Torahiko: Above all, he said that if Kokoro loses her hope, it will get transmitted to the guests, too.
Torahiko: That's why, we are going to restore the smile and enthuse you and the guests.
Torahiko: Well, it would be boring if the great me didn't enjoy himself, too! Nishishi!
Torahiko: Oh! It's my group's turn!
Kyosuke: Akki! If you feel nervous, write on the palm of your hand the kanji for "person" and eat it![1]
Chapter 9-3 (8)
Akio: Uu...Somehow, it feels like my stomach is full from overeating...
Shiki: Akio...That feeling is just your imagination, so relax~
Chapter 9-3 (9)
Hikaru: Raku, Raku, Raku~! I'm getting excited!
Raku: You're a big-shot~ Moving for me is troublesome...
Hikaru: Fuffu~! When you feel tired, I'll give it my all to back you up so leave it to me!
Raku: Since those words are worrying me, I'll give it my best and move crisply.
Chapter 9-3 (10)
Torahiko: Great! Well then, everyone, let's go!
Chapter 9-3 (11)
Kokoro (Seiya and Torahiko too...Everyone is interfering!)
Kokoro: (You're saying that since I lost hope, the guests are getting in a bad mood?)
Kokoro: (For me to let my juniors point it out...)
Kokoro: (It's really annoying!)
Kokoro: (My pride doesn't let me only count on them like this!)
Kokoro: (If you don't recover here, you're incapable of being an I-chu! Kokoro Hanabusa!)


  1. Refers to this

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