Producer: Sorry to keep you waiting, Hanabusa-san.
Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event 1 (1)
Kokoro: Ufufu…
Producer: …Hanabusa-san?
Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event 1 (2)
Kokoro: Ah, Producer! My, aren’t you late. You know, Kokoro was getting tired of waiting, so I ended up doodling ♪
Producer: Doodling? Is that what you’ve been looking at so intently?
Kokoro: Isn’t that obvious? This is cutey-pie Kokoro’s first photo book, the one that the whole world’s been waiting for at the edge of their seat!
Producer: …You’re that interested in it, huh?
Kokoro: Naturally! No matter what page I look at, every photo taken shows how super cute I am.
Kokoro: Here, look- I really like this page in particular.
Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event 1 (3)
Kokoro: A picture of me in the middle of putting my makeup on. Kokoro looks cute even when I’m all-natural, don’t you think~? Huh? But when exactly was this photo taken?
Producer: (Ah, that picture…)
Producer: That cameraman was still new to the job, but he’s got a really good eye for things, wouldn’t you say?
Kokoro: But I feel like the way I look here was nothing to take a picture of.
Producer: …No, really, I can’t praise these enough.
Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event 1 (4)
Kokoro: But I really don’t think so, though. Hey, why do you look so embarrassed all of a sudden?
Producer: Wh- What do you mean, “embarrassed”… More importantly, Hanabusa-san, it’s just about time for us to get going.
Kokoro: That’s right! Today’s the autograph session that everyone’s wanted so much. Ufufu, I wonder what kind of fans will come today?
Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event 1 (5)
Kokoro: But since they’re Kokoro’s fans, e–verybody’s obviously a good girl, right!
Producer: (Hanabusa-san is really looking forward to the autograph signing, isn’t he?)
Producer: Well, since they’re all such good people, it looks like I’ll have to work hard, too!
Kokoro: Wait a sec, Producer. What’s up? Grinning like that… aren’t you feeling too good about this?
Producer: That’s so mean of you to say! After all, I’m really looking forward to today signing.
Kokoro: Hmm, “looking forward to”, you say?
Producer: Yes? Isn’t that obvious?
Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event 1 (6)
Kokoro: Well, if that’s so, I’ll give you this.
Producer: You mean your photo book? That’s okay, I already have one.
Kokoro: Forget that and and take it already! And then hurry up and look inside!
Producer: (Even if he says that… I’ve probably looked at it more times than Hanabusa-san himself has–)
Producer: !? This is…!?
Kokoro: Now you get it, right? Kokoro signed it.
Kokoro: I want you to have the very first photo book that I signed, Producer. Well? You want it, don’t you?
Kokoro: I made it out especially for you, so if you don’t treat it like your most prized possession, I’m gonna punish you! …Ehehe ♪


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