Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event 3 (1)
Kokoro: Producer, look, look!
Producer: What is it?
Kokoro: Ta-da~! I drew an autograph as a present for the bookstore owner. Didn’t I do a good job?
Producer: You really did. It’s drawn really cutely. This must be the result of all of your practicing, eh?
Kokoro: Right? ♪ Hey, take a picture of this.
Producer: Your autograph?
Kokoro: No, not that. Get me in it, too.
Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event 3 (2)
Kokoro: I gotta tell Kokoro’s fans that I feel the same way they did when I made my appearance today.
Producer: (He really does think a lot about his fans, doesn’t he?)
Kokoro: Ahhh, I’m so tired~. That was a lot of fun, but now my hand hurts~.
Producer: Good job, Hanabusa-san. It seems that everyone went away looking like they’d really treasure the photo books they had.
Kokoro: Ehehe, well then, good! As long as everyone’s happy–
Producer: Ha-Hanabusa-san? Is something wrong all of a sudden?
Kokoro: …I smell that thing.
Producer: “Th-that thing”?
Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event 3 (3)
Kokoro: It’s coming from over here…
Producer: But that’s the box of presents the fans gave you today? What on earth are you looking–
Kokoro: Uwah… Someone put green peppers in here…
Producer: Green peppers? Wait, you mean the one food that you particularly hate…? No way, is someone sending a message that they don’t like you…?!
Producer: Hanabusa-san, let me look at those peppers.
Kokoro: No, I don’t even want to look at these! Throw them out right away, Producer!
Producer: Huh? There’s a letter. What on earth could they have written….?
To my lovable Kokoro-chan–
Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event 3 (4)
Kokoro: Eh?
I did my utmost to make these green peppers especially for you, Kokoro-chan, who hates them so.’’
’’I’ve also hated peppers since I was young, but I can eat them only if they’re made like this. So, by all means, Kokoro-chan—
Kokoro: That’s some big talk! I don’t see aaany problem with not being able to eat something that has such a sickening color to it!
Producer: C-come now, Hanabusa-san, let’s calm down.
Kokoro: What do you mean?! As if I possibly could! The nerve of giving me something they explicitly knew that I hated.
Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event 3 (5)
Kokoro: The truth is that they really hate Kokoro, don’t they?
Producer: (Ah, Hanabusa-san’s gotten depressed. At a time like this, I should–)
Producer: Ah, here. This is a gift from me. As they say, when you’re tired, the best thing you can have is something sweet.
Kokoro: Ah, this is—!
Kokoro: As I’d expect of you, Producer! You clearly get me the most, if you’re giving me melon bread!
Kokoro: Mmph! Chomp, chomp
Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event 3 (6)
Kokoro: Yu~p! ♪ Delicious!
Producer: (Seems like that rejuvenated him for the moment. He may pull off a mature expression every once in a while, but he’s definitely the most charming like this!)
Kokoro: Ehehe~! Say, let’s go have another one ♪


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