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Demons go out! Love, come on! 1 (1)
Leon: Dammit… Everybody’s scattered all over the place, and now I’ve lost sight of them…
Producer: Oh my, Leon-kun. …What are you doing, dressed like that?
Demons go out! Love, come on! 1 (2)
Leon: Ah, what good timing! Say, Producer, have you seen any of my bandmates?
Producer: I haven’t, why?
Leon: I see… Guess that means they’re not in the teachers’ room. Okay, I’ll go check out the practice room, then!
Producer: Um, Leon-kun?
Leon: Yeah? What’s up?
Producer: I don’t really get what you’re talking about, so would you mind telling me what you’re doing?
Demons go out! Love, come on! 1 (3)
Leon: Isn’t it obvious?! We’re playing Setsubun Tag.
Producer: Playing Setsubun Tag…?
Demons go out! Love, come on! 1 (4)
Leon: Huh? It’s a huge game in Japan, isn’t it?
Producer: It’s the first time I’ve heard of such a thing.
Leon: Eh!? Seriously? I heard that it’s a day where you chase after a demon that runs around from place to place.
Demons go out! Love, come on! 1 (5)
Leon: It is Setsubun today, right?
Producer: That’s right. You’re quite knowledgeable, aren’t you!
Producer: (Although he’s got what you do on Setsubun completely wrong…)
Leon: Well of course, since we all love Japanese culture so much! …But anyway, that’s not the point!
Leon: You don’t chase demons around on Setsubun?
Producer: You toss beans at demons on Setsubun. The idea is to keep the demons out and bring good luck in.
Demons go out! Love, come on! 1 (6)
Leon: Huh, I didn’t know that! …Though I don’t really understand why you’d do that…
Producer: You don’t?
Leon: I mean, why would you say to hit demons with beans to keep them quiet? Normally, if it seemed like somebody was going to attack you, you’d run away, right?
Producer: W-Well, I guess… Now that you say that, I suppose I do see what you mean.
Leon: Right? Of course the demons would have to run away! And if I was hit with a bunch of beans, I wouldn’t let myself lose in the end!
Leon: It makes more sense to do it this way! And besides, it’s a whole lot of fun, don’t you think?
Producer: …It does look like it is, but what are you going to do about all of these beans that you’ve thrown around?
Demons go out! Love, come on! 1 (7)
Leon: Ah, I’ll be sure to clean them up, of course. That is, if this demon loses!
Producer: Ahaha! Maybe this is kind of interesting!
Leon: Isn’t it–!? Hey, if you think so, then let’s go on together!


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