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Producer: In any case, you sure get along well with the other members, don’t you?
Demons go out! Love, come on! 2 (1)
Leon: Huh? Well, sure, we all like to play around like this.
Producer: Really? It seems like Lucas-kun would say “That’s stupid!” and cut you off right there…
Leon: Hey, this is all to get Lucas involved. He seems really fed up that he’s run into some writer’s block with his compositions.
Demons go out! Love, come on! 2 (2)
Leon: And in times like that, the best thing you can do is to get your body moving!
Producer: …Surprisingly, you take quite good care of everyone, Leon-kun.
Demons go out! Love, come on! 2 (3)
Leon: What do you mean!? That’s so mean! My motto is to play seriously, you know?
Producer: That’s the first time I’ve heard that motto… But I guess that’s true… It seems like it would paint an amusing picture if we showed a video of this before a show.
Leon: Eh, what’s this, now?! That sounds like it would be a lot of fun!
Producer: …I’ll try talking to the stage manager about it next time I meet with her.
Leon: Let me think about it when the time comes, too! I love coming up with ideas like that!
Producer: I can’t do that!
Demons go out! Love, come on! 2 (4)
Leon: Ehh–! Why not, Producer!?
Producer: Because it’s my job to think over things like that. You can’t steal your producer’s work!
Leon: I’d like to try working as a producer, too~
Producer: You as a producer… I can’t even begin to picture that!
Leon: You don’t have to be so straightforward about it~! But, I mean, if I get super famous, then I could probably be my own producer.
Demons go out! Love, come on! 2 (5)
Leon: I really want to hurry up and become a full-fledged idol soon~…
Producer: For you, Leon-kun, I’m sure it’ll happen before you know it.
Leon: Hehe, you think so?
Producer: Yeah! Of course.
Leon: Yeah! I can’t wait–. When I become a real idol, I want to try putting my own ideas into action!
Producer: (A full-fledged idol, huh…? I guess that means that there will be a time when I have to let go of them, doesn’t it…)
Producer: (I know it’ll come eventually, but I still can’t help but feel a little lonely, maybe…)
Demons go out! Love, come on! 2 (6)
Leon: Producer? What’s wrong? You seem depressed, somehow.
Producer: Oh, no. Just a little. …I suppose if you’re a real idol, then I won’t be your producer anymore, huh?
Producer: I just felt a little lonely thinking about that.
Demons go out! Love, come on! 2 (7)
Leon: …Well, then, this is fine!
Producer: Eh?
Leon: I guess that after all… I’m fine staying an Aichuu.
Producer: Eh, why?
Demons go out! Love, come on! 2 (8)
Leon: Doesn’t matter! Anyway, I’ll be fine just being an Aichuu!
Producer: That’s… Why would–
Leon: …Ah! I forgot that we were in the middle of Setsubun tag! I’m gonna get going!
Producer: Eh, hold on, Leon-kun!
Producer: Leon-kun...


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